A look at Harrison Jones’ battle wound, new hair cut

There is something different about Harrison Jones this spring. Well, two somethings, really.

Harrison Jones on Monday.

First, there’s a cut on his cheek just below his right eye. It’s just one of the hazards of playing college football.

“Me and C.J. Mosley actually collided in a seven on seven and didn’t have helmets on,” said Jones, the younger brother of senior offensive lineman Barrett Jones. “Before spring practice started we collided on a pick route. Just popped both our faces open.”

That isn’t the only change to Harrison Jones’ look this spring. The long blonde hair that had spilled from his helmet last season disappeared since January.

Big brother offered an explanation for the update from across the interview room Monday.

“He’s got a girlfriend now,” a smiling Barrett Jones said. “He didn’t need long hair.”

Read a few more notes like this one in tomorrow’s newspaper.

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