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Which Alabama player will have the best NFL career?

The headline says what needs saying.


Nick Saban shows acting skills at pro day

It wasn’t as high profile as his role in “The Blind Side,” but Nick Saban did some acting at pro day this afternoon. The NFL Network had Marcell Dareus wearing a helmet cam for some of his workouts and they wanted to capture interaction with Saban.

Check out the video of Dareus a stunt double capturing a few takes of a supposed handshake with Saban. Sorry to ruin the magic for you, but this is how it is really done sometimes. It was just a funny scene I couldn’t resist passing along.

Mark Barron to make an announcement tomorrow

Still trying to find out what he’ll be saying, but Alabama’s All-American safety Mark Barron will make some sort of announcement on Saturday.

Presumably, it will be about his NFL future. Will he stay or go remains to be answered. No leaks just yet.

Saturday is the deadline for juniors to announce their intentions for the draft. They have a few days to change their minds before the Jan. 18 cutoff to withdraw their names.

Mark Ingram, Julio Jones and Marcell Dareus already announced they’d enter the draft instead of playing a final season in Tuscaloosa.

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Three go pro, one stays, others on fence

There are several ways of attacking the news that came out of the announcement made less than an hour ago. The last posting was done on my phone so there wasn’t much time or ability to write much more. Here are the bullet points.

  • Mark Ingram, Julio Jones and Marcell Dareus are heading to the NFL.
  • Dont’a Hightower is sticking around for at least one more year. He has two seasons of eligibility left after receiving a medical redshirt in 2009.
  • Nick Saban referenced it and some of the players did to. This might not be over. Saban said there were still juniors weighing options. Hightower said Mark Barron is still making up his mind.
  • The player who left who struggled the most with his decision was Jones. He said the decision wasn’t made until last night.
  • Ingram said he told Saban his decision on Monday.
  • Dareus said he made up his mind a few weeks ago.

News conference scheduled for Friday in Tuscaloosa

Pardon me if you don’t like reading between the lines, but it appears as if some answers will be given tomorrow about the future of a few key Alabama football players.

UA media relations just announced a “media availability” at noon involving “Alabama head coach Nick Saban and select members of the Crimson Tide football team.”

Which members remains the mystery. For now.

Juniors Mark Ingram, Julio Jones, Marcell Dareus, Dont’a Hightower and Mark Barron have all been listed as potential first-round NFL picks.

If you’re asking for a prediction, the first three on the list are much more likely to take the leap than the next two.

Four from Alabama named AP All-American

The next round of All-Americans was released this morning and Alabama had four members on the Associated Press team.

Julio Jones and Mark Barron made the second teams while Barrett Jones and Marcell Dareus were on the third teams.

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Dareus: Richardson ‘a worm’ to tackle

I know this quote was in my notebook that ran in today’s paper, but I wanted to pass it along to anyone who didn’t see it.

The delivery was the best part so if I had video or audio of Marcell Dareus’ description of tackling Trent Richardson, it would be here.

Since I don’t, please settle for this.

“He’s such a worm,” the defensive end said. “He’s a little powerhouse. It’s like trying to tackle a little stump. He’ll hit the hole so hard, then you grab him and he’ll find some way to wiggle out. For him to be so thick, he can still wiggle a little bit. Once you get a good grasp on him, all the wiggling stops. It’s tough, but there’s ways of getting him down.”

Catch you fine folks in the state of Louisiana.

Miss. State’s Bell remembered around SEC

The sudden and tragic passing of Mississippi State’s Nick Bell is the kind of story nobody wants to write. Coming out of Bessemer, Bell was a star on the rise and even started a few games in Starkville this season before an aggressive form of cancer claimed his life yesterday.

(Read more from The Birmingham News here and the Jackson Clarion-Ledger here).

This morning’s SEC coaches teleconference included several questions about the tragedy. Nick Saban said he remembered recruiting Bell.

“You always feel horrible when a young, bright person that has such a future a head of him in so many ways in terms of the things they can do in their life, sorta all gets cut short,” Saban said.

Crimson Tide defensive end Marcell Dareus was friends with Bell from back home and he released the following statement through UA media relations Tuesday:

Nick was a great friend and a great person. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this time. I love his family and if there is anything I can do to help them out, I plan to be there for them.

He was a great all-around guy and was someone I knew would be a good friend right off the bat. When we were both in Birmingham or when he was in Tuscaloosa, we would always hang out. He is a guy that everyone liked and you always felt comfortable around.

Nick was just a great, down-home person that made everyone around him happy. He will be missed and I will always remember him as a great friend.


Saban not talking about Dareus, stuttering

Nick Saban faced a few questions Monday about the Yahoo Sports report that indicated then-North Carolina assistant John Blake tried to direct Alabama defensive end Marcell Dareus towards agent Gary Wichard.

He said he was unaware of these allegations and then grew tired of the topic.

“I don’t know anything about this. I haven’t thought about it. It’s not important to me. I’m worried about South Carolina. So if you want to talk about that, we’ll talk about that. But I’m not going to talk about that any more.”

Then it got interesting. Saban even threw in a shout out to his home state.

“I guess I’m not stuttering. Do I stutter? I’m not very clear on how I articulate. Maybe I need to go back to West Virginia and get some more hillbilly slang and maybe everyone will understand a little better.”

More on Dareus injury story

As promised, here are the videos of Marcell Dareus practicing Wednesday and taking a dirty block in the Arkansas game.

First, my video from practice yesterday.

Now, here’s the questionable block Dareus took from Arkansas lineman Wade Grayson (posted by someone else).

VIDEO: Dareus practices Wednesday

There was no sign of Marcell Dareus at Tuesday’s media viewing period at Alabama football practice. But he was back Wednesday and we have the video to prove it.

Coming off an ankle injury suffered at Arkansas on Saturday, Dareus was heavily taped and was limping  in Monday’s practice. There was no tape and he seemed to be moving much better Wednesday.

Dareus is supposed to meet with reporters in a little bit. Hopefully, there will be an update.

A quick note from practice

The media viewing period was briefer than normal on Tuesdays, so there is no video to post.

Just one item of note.

There wasn’t a Marcell Dareus sighting with the defensive ends. He was out there Monday, limping on a heavily taped ankle, but he was out there. No word on why he was not around for the eight minutes we spent inside the pearly gates. If I find out, you’ll be the first to know.

VIDEO: Dareus, McElroy practice

Both Marcell Dareus and Greg McElroy came out of the Arkansas game with a few bumps and bruises. Check out the following video of the two practicing Monday.

Dareus’ ankle appeared to limit him more than McElroy’s sore right foot. Watch for yourself.

VIDEO: Ingram practices again Tuesday

Click to enlarge a panoramic view of practice

Here is the most recent video of Alabama practicing for Duke shot just this afternoon. Notice the power with which Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson attack the sled to start the video.

Really? Another Alabama cover of Sports Illustrated

This week's SI

For the bagillionth time in the past year, Alabama football landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated. This time, Trent Richardson earned the honor and the long-debated curse.

Just a few weeks back, Crimson Tide defenders Marcell Dareus, Dont’a Hightower and Mark Barron made the cover of the football preview edition.

Before that, Mark Ingram was on there twice and Colin Peek once more.

The cover will hit news stands later this week.