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Tide to Vols: Don’t wear orange in our house

File this under the funny but pointless category.

Tennessee was ready to renew the tradition of wearing orange in Saturday’s game in Bryant-Denny Stadium and the SEC gave the go-ahead.

But Alabama said no.

Vol coach Lane Kiffin told reporters in Knoxville that Alabama turned down the request to sport orange on the road and did not give a reason why.

When asked if he’d be willing to concede a 15-yard penalty and leave the white jerseys at home, Kiffin said no.

“We’re not good enough to do that,” he said. “The last thing we want to do is kick off 15 yards back.”

Alabama Athletics Director Mal Moore issued a statement Monday evening addressing the issue.

“Mike (Hamilton) and I had a good conversation this morning and I told him that it is our desire to maintain the custom of the visiting team wearing their visiting jerseys,” Moore said. “We’ll continue to wear our white jerseys when we visit Knoxville next year.”