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Saban: Ask AJ; wait, you can’t

AP photo

A humorous moment came from Monday’s news conference when the microphone came to me.

After asking Nick Saban about the confidence AJ McCarron gained from hitting a few down-field passes against Vanderbilt, I received the following response:

“You ought to ask him … when you get a chance. I know I don’t make him available to you, but I’m sure it helped his confidence. But I didn’t ask him, and I really don’t know.”

Since preseason practices opened, McCarron has been made available to reporters three times. Once on media/fan day in early August, after the Penn State game and after the Florida game when most reporters were on deadline and physically unable to be there.

(Click here to see McCarron speaking on fan day)

It might not be as noticeable if former quarterback Greg McElroy wasn’t fielding questions twice a week for the past two seasons.

What do you think on the matter?

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AJ McCarron takes heat, matures as top QB

There’s been a lot said about Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron in the past week. Looking back, it’s about the same time of the year Greg McElroy started taking heat in his first season starting in 2009.

Only he was throwing interceptions and facing notable declines in his effectiveness when the critics came out two seasons ago. McElroy took it personally, as he said in interviews.

McCarron hasn’t had a voice since he’s been off-limits to reporters all season except following the Penn State game. He’s also completing 66 percent of his passes and hasn’t thrown an interception since the opener against Kent State.

His teammates have noticed a difference in his performance.

“Absolutely. We did check a lot of stuff at the line of scrimmage,” center William Vlachos said. “That shows the confidence the coaches have in him. He’s matured very quickly this year and I couldn’t be prouder of him. The biggest thing that stands out to me is the decisions he has made. He hasn’t gotten us into any really bad plays or anything like that. Manage the game very well and made good decisions and the coaches trust him to go up there, identify things, check it off, and get us in the best play we can be in.”

What do you think. Is McCarron living up to his potential? Leave a comment below.

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Alabama at the ESPYs

The Crimson Tide isn’t nominated with the numbers of last year, but a few recently departed football players are on hand at tonight’s ESPY Awards in Los Angles.

Check out this picture of Mark Ingram and Greg McElroy playing video games before the show that started at 8 p.m. According to Twitter, Julio Jones is also in the house.

Alabama did find itself listed on the nominations.

It’s not celebrating, though.

The Iron Bowl loss to Auburn is up for game of the year after the Tigers came from 24 down to win 28-27. I’m sure you already knew that part.

We’re still waiting for the ESPYs to live up to the high-water mark set in 1998 when Norm McDonald hosted and roasted athletes. It was priceless. Click here to watch that.

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Which Alabama player will have the best NFL career?

The headline says what needs saying.

McElroy finishes pro workout

There wasn’t much of the NFL crowd at the Alabama indoor facility for Greg McElroy’s makeup pro day workout this morning. Only the Seattle Seahawks sent a scout and a coach to watch the former Crimson Tide quarterback.

He threw routes to ex-Tide receiver Earl Alexander and former South Alabama receiver Courtney Smith. Alexander pulled a hamstring on his second-t0-last route and didn’t finish.

Preston Dial was also there, but limited because of a sports hernia. He caught a few passes without running routes.

In all, McElroy didn’t look too bad considering he hasn’t been throwing much this spring because of the broken bone in his throwing hand.

Hopefully you can check back for video soon. My camera and computer aren’t playing nice right now. I’m hoping to resolve that soon.

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A few notes from Monday’s football practice

Forgive me if I’m a little rusty with the football. It’s been a week since taking in one of these media viewing periods because of that NIT trip. Here’s what’s important:

  • The team was inside this afternoon with severe weather headed towards Tuscaloosa.
  • Mark Barron remains in the black non-contact jersey as was backup offensive lineman Tyler Love.
  • Former quarterback Greg McElroy was in the building watching the practice. He’ll have individual workouts tomorrow for NFL scouts since he missed last month’s pro day.
  • Javier Arenas also took in the practice. I joked with him about coming up to the interview room since he is something of a legend when the microphones come on. He politely declined.

Hopefully some video will come soon, but my computer keeps crashing when I connect the camera. Pray for a better resolution on the next try.

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    VIDEO: Day 2 at the Senior Bowl

    See everything from James Carpenter’s weigh-in to the South team’s practice including Greg McElroy throwing passes, signing autographs and posing for pictures with Archie Manning. Nick Saban also made an appearance at practice along with several NFL head coaches.

    Also see a few new snap shots in the photo gallery.

    Alabama football 2010

    How accurate are the heights, weights on rosters?

    The cattle call

    It’s an unspoken tradition to sometimes fudge a little on heights and weights on a roster. I’m not accusing Alabama of anything, but today’s scouting weigh-in at the Senior Bowl was interesting.

    Greg McElroy stood 6 feet, 1 1/2 inches. Looking at the roster posted on Alabama’s website, the quarterback is 6-3. Hmmm.

    For James Carpenter, he measured up at 6-4 1/2 compared to the 6-5 listed on the UA roster. Rounding up is no crime, though.

    Preston Dial was 6-3 according to Alabama and 6-2 on the stage today.

    No crimes committed. Just interesting to note.

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    Greg McElroy: ESPN superstar

    I’m getting a little worried now. I hope my editors didn’t watch ESPN today because they’d be busy putting together a package to hire Greg McElroy and toss me aside.

    I think the now-former Alabama quarterback has appeared on every television, radio and internet program offered by the self-proclaimed deity of sports media.

    It’s not over yet. He’ll be in SportsNation on ESPN2 at 3 p.m. Central after being on FirstTake, the Scott Van Pelt Show and a few others that I’m sure I forgot.

    McElroy is also making waves in Tigerland by picking Oregon to beat Auburn in tonight’s big game.

    He said Oregon’s pace of play was better suited for dealing with the long layover between games that both teams faced. The rivalry with Auburn, he insisted, had nothing to do with the pick.

    UPDATE: Through his Twitter page, McElroy said his final appearance is coming up at 5:20 p.m. on SportsCenter.

    To see his ESPN appearances from last week, click here and here.

    In other news, Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley was named a freshman All-American by the Football Writers Association of America. Click here for the complete listing.

    Also see a few new panoramic photos.

    Panoramic photos updated Jan. 10, 2011

    Greg McElroy live on ESPN2

    Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy’s college career is over. Why not do a little broadcasting.

    Tune into ESPNU right now to see him on the set of College Football Live lending his expert analysis of Auburn. He looks like a pro up there. He will be missed in the Alabama interview room.

    Update: Show’s over. Look for reruns.

    Update II: It looks like it is running again on ESPN2 right now.

    Best snap shots from Capital One Bowl week

    Here are a few of the best amateur shots I snapped with my point and shoot from the past week in Orlando. See the complete album at the bottom.

    Greg McElroy and Doug Flutie share a moment on the sideline at the end of the game.

    Mark Ingram takes a moment to reflect.

    Life is good.

    Capital One Bowl week

    VIDEO: Postgame celebration on the field

    Here you go, finally.

    See Mark Ingram run into the seats to celebrate, Greg McElroy take a curtain call and a longtime staff member get the Gatorade bath in his final game before retiring.

    More video being edited and will be posted soon.

    VIDEO: Alabama’s Capital One Bowl pep rally

    McElroy better after concussion

    It’s been far too long since we’ve had a chance to talk to Greg McElroy so this afternoon’s teleconference with the Senior Bowl was a great time for an update. McElroy, Preston Dial and James Carpenter were selected to play in the game in January.

    The most interesting part of the call came when the Crimson Tide quarterback talked about the concussion he suffered late in the Iron Bowl. I will write more about this for tomorrow, but he said the days after the injury were especially frustrating for him because he wasn’t “sharp.”

    For three or four days McElroy “didn’t feel like myself.” There were issues with headaches, nausea and confusion. He gave excellent insight into the issues facing athletes after suffering the brain injury.

    But you’ll have to wait a little longer to read about that. I have to save something for the print editions.

    Oh yeah, practice resumes Thursday for Capital One Bowl preparations. Read more about that too.

    Greg McElroy just tweeted …

    The very latest from Greg McElroy’s Twitter page:

    Thanks everyone for their warm thoughts & prayers. I feel great today & am well on my way back to a very quick recovery from my concussion