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TMZ story about Ingram, agent not true says UA

Celebrity gossip site produced the latest chapter in the college athlete/agent scandal, but Alabama officials are saying there is little truth to the story that went up today.

The story beneath the headline “NCAA probes party with 2009 Heisman winner” claims Mark Ingram might be in hot water over a trip he took back in May.

UA spokesman Doug Walker said that any NCAA-related concerns were dealt with before the trip. Ingram provided the necessary receipts to prove he paid for all expenses.

“We are not aware with any issues with the visit,” Walker said by email Thursday.

Ingram might get road named for him

 Photo courtesy of Alabama media relations

The “positive self gratitude” just keeps rolling in for Mark Ingram, pictured above throwing out the first pitch at yesterday’s Alabama baseball game.

According to this report in the Detroit Free Press, the Heisman Trophy winner might be getting his name some roadway back in his native Flint, Mich.

Winning the Heisman is one thing, but this is something usually reserved for presidents, governors and such. Not bad for a college kid.

And now, in a new Bama Blog feature, please enjoy this video by fellow Western Kentucky University product Kige Ramsey. This will be a semi-regular feature as requested by a loyal reader.

VIDEO: Running backs at Monday’s spring practice

Check back later for footage of the quarterbacks, defensive backs and linebackers.

In order, see Mark Ingram (22) Trent Richardson (3), Demetrius Goode (6), Jeramie Griffin (34) and Eddie Lacy (42)

Don’t mess with Ingram’s Heisman

Check out this picture I took Wednesday in the newly redecorated Alabama football complex. (I was scared just looking at it.)

Jinx talk doesn’t faze Ingram

Mark Ingram will deal with twice the bad luck in the BCS Championship if superstition is your thing. On top of the Sports Illustrated cover issue, he’s got the Heisman Trophy to deal with.

Who knew that’s a burden?

Apparently eight of the last 10 winners who went on to lose bowl games do. When asked to confront that bad mojo, Ingram brushed it off.

“Everybody else is focused on little things like that, jinxes and Heisman performances,” said Ingram who ran for a season-low 30 yards against Auburn on the week of his SI cover appearance. “We’re not focused on all that. …I’m not too worried about this Heisman jinx or anything like that.”

We’ll see Thursday.

Photo from Associated Press

Mark Ingram Sr. talks to USA Today

If you’re done with all the last minute shopping, take a few minutes to read this story from the USA Today. The national paper scored a rare interview with Mark Ingram Sr., who spoke to the reporter from the Queens N.Y., jail he now calls home.

It offers a unique view inside the mind of the Heisman Trophy winner’s father who will spend in the neighborhood of 10 years behind bars.

Enjoy and have a swell holiday.

Heisman Trophy finds temporary home

Since the Heisman Trust awards two trophies — one to the player and the other to his school — Alabama has to find a place to display its version of the famous stiff-armed runner won by Mark Ingram.

For now, it’s sitting in the display case on the second floor of the Mal Moore Athletic Complex. It’s right next to the 2009 SEC Championship trophy, but the bronze statue will eventually get a permanent display.

Here’s a few pics snapped on Saturday.

Video: First BCS practice after break

Here are two quick videos I shot Saturday of the Crimson Tide’s first football practice since beating Florida two weeks earlier in the SEC Championship.

Video: More Heisman coverage

Here are a few videos captured after Mark Ingram won the 2009 Heisman Trophy. First, Tim Tebow takes questions and talks a little about Ingram.

Next, Ingram is introduced to the reporters.

Photos: A look behind scenes at Heisman

Here are a few photos I snapped in the craziness of the Heisman Trophy aftermath. Stay tuned for video coming later.

Alabama football

The Heisman: The day after …

It’s been a full 24 hours and I still had that initial posting about Mark Ingram’s Heisman at the top of the page.

Weak, I know.

I’ve been away from the reaches of wireless internet for most of the time. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Now that the hoopla has died down, I have to say, Saturday night in Times Square was not lacking excitement. It had a different kind of energy than a run of the mill winning football game.

And I’ll be honest, although an impartial and unbiased reporter, I have to say I was happy for Ingram. He’s legitimately a nice kid who doesn’t seem to have to ego that a Heisman Trophy winner would presumably carry.

Read more about his mother Shonda Ingram’s reaction in Monday’s paper. Then, later in the day look for some more of the pictures and a little video I captured from the Saturday night madness that was the Heisman Trophy aftermath.

With that, I sign out for the night from Gate B3 in the Charlotte International Airport.

It’s Ingram

This just in: Mark Ingram wins Alabama’s first Heisman Trophy in school history.

Read more later.

Heisman countdown nears an end

We’re less than 40 minutes from announcement time for one of the closest Heisman Trophy votes in memory. For the record, the slimmest margin of victory is 45 points when Auburn’s Bo Jackson won in 1985.

There is a considerable buzz in the media set up here on the eighth floor of the Marriott Marquis overlooking Times Square. See photos below.

We’re waiting for the finalists to make the walk across the street from the Nokia Theater for the news conference immediately following the announcement. The tension is exciting. We’ll find out soon if Mark Ingram can become the first Alabama player to strike that famous pose.

Live from New York … it’s Saturday evening!

Welcome to the Marriott Marquis where the Heisman Trophy press conference is set to begin immediately following the award ceremony.

The Bama Blog is here to bring you all the latest from the ceremony to top all ceremonies. This is easily the closest Heisman Trophy presentation in a long time.

If you want the latest projections, check out If you don’t want to be spoiled, I won’t give away the newest numbers.

On a side note, it’s a cold night in Times Square, but there is a buzz in the air. This really is a special city and recommend everyone visits at least once in life. The photo below is the Nokia Theater where the award will actually be presented. We’re across the street in the Marriott.

And the journey begins …

Coming to you live from gate B10 in the Nashville International Airport, this sportswriter is waiting for a late plane. I’m headed to New York for the Heisman Trophy presentation and hope to bring you as much coverage as possible, both on this blog and in print.

For a quick update on the projections, check out Mark Ingram still holds a lead, but it’s still very early.

For now, I’m going to catch some zzzs as I wait for this tardy plane.

12:46 UPDATE: Made it to Philadelphia, but flight to Newark is delayed, thus hurting chances at getting to afternoon availability with Ingram in the city. Cross your fingers.