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More on Michael Bowman

As promised, here is some extra info from today’s story on freshman wide receiver Michael Bowman.

  • First, click here for the link to the 67-yard touchdown reception Bowman had against his future rival from Tennessee.
  • Bowman’s high school coach Mark Mariakis on the receiver’s ability to perform in the clutch: “One thing about Mike, he’s at his best when he’s challenged. It just seemed like when we hit that last five game-run when we were playing for the region championship, he just responded well to the pressure and the challenge.”
  • Marikis on Bowman’s future: He’s one of the guys who I think their best years are down the road. He just had one really ― putting everything together mentally and physically ― one high school season with all that.”
  • In high school, Bowman was a star basketball player and competed in the long and high jump for the track and field team.
  • Now that he’s focused on nothing but football (and school), Mariakis said he can’t imagine the kind of success he will enjoy at Alabama.