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Isn’t it football season?

It’s well-hidden, but volleyball is also played in the fall in Tuscaloosa. I was just heading out out of the media room at Coleman Coliseum when the noise from “The Cave” drew me in.

Alabama is playing Mississippi State in the gym behind the basketball arena. There are cheerleaders, a pep band, radio crew and Big Al was spotted. Who knew?

Since my last job was in the volleyball capital of the midwest, I can appreciate the sport. Laugh if you want, but it is not a bad sport to watch. It’s fast paced and the action can draw you in.

Watching the match from the end zone can be hazardous, though. Since I plopped down at the media table, one ball already whizzed our direction. That sucker was moving.

Alabama (5-9, 3-1) SEC lost the first game 25-16, but lead 15-9 in the second.

You can see from the photo below, my camera can’t handle the speed of the game.

UPDATE: Alabama won, 3-2