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MEDIA DAY 3: Chizik kicks it off final round

The crowd is considerably smaller in the writers’ room to hear Auburn coach Gene Chizik as he opens the final day of the spectacle. (Photo by the AP) The lobby is also relatively empty compared to Thursday’s madness that included Nick Saban and Tim Tebow. Here are some highlights from Chizik’s first go at Media Days:

  • Does he feel pressure to succeed immediately? He says no. They don’t pay attention to external factors. There is some “self-imposed pressure.” The foundation is being built for “long-term” success.
  • On Tebow snub: He wasn’t interested in talking about this, but he did say he voted for the Gator.
  • Has Auburn football stumbled? “I don’t know what public opinion is … I don’t know how the outside world views Auburn football.”
  • Since leaving Auburn several years ago, the SEC has “grown by leaps and bounds.”
  • “Our quarterback situation is going to be an interesting dynamic.”
  • “What gets you attention is when you win. It’s that simple.”
  • “If you look at the comittments, he is the right guy for Auburn”
  • “We’re not trying to impress anybody. We’re trying to recruit for what is best for Auburn.”
  • He was reluctant to talk about incoming players because “we haven’t even had a practice yet.”

Iron Bowl ’09: Too soon to talk about?

It is one of those hot June afternoons — not exactly one that makes you think about late November and the Iron Bowl. But this is Alabama, after all.

It’s never too early to think about the Iron Bowl.

So in that spirit, check out the following video from an ESPN broadcast featuring Auburn coach Gene Chizik.

Wait for the end of the video to see how many wins the ESPN “experts” predict the Tide will win this fall. SPOILER ALERT: They think LSU could be an issue.