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VIDEO: Rammer Jammer after Auburn win

Here’s a quick look at the Rammer Jammer after the Alabama basketball victory over Auburn on Saturday:

Alabama/South Carolina replay

To catch the replay of the Alabama/South Carolina game at anytime commercial-free, you can always check out the SEC Digital Network.

To save you the searching, I’ve provided the link right here.

And for a video of Saturday’s Rammer Jammer, see below.

Rammer Jammer returns

A week after missing out, the end-game tradition returned Saturday evening. Since the marching band did not make the trip to Kentucky last week, there was no “Rammer Jammer” in the closing seconds of the win.

So it seemed extra loud Saturday at Ole Miss. Now, as a relative newcomer to Alabama football, I’ve got to say I’m impressed with this tradition. I was a little stunned by it in the Georgia Dome after the Crimson Tide finished off Virginia Tech.

In case you’ve missed out. here is a who bunch of links to videos taken during the different Rammer Jammers from this season.

Virginia Tech here and here
Florida International here and here
North Texas here and here
Arkansas here and here
Kentucky (no band, no rammer jammer)
Ole Miss here and here

And for a look back to last season’s Auburn game click here and here