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Time for a vacation

Please let this serve as a more friendly automatic vacation response for the next week. Even the Bama Blog needs a few days here and there to refuel.

With SEC Football Media Days closing in, that window of potential downtime is closing fast.

So, for the next week, I will be leaving Alabama in the rear view. Time for a vacation. I will turn over any necessary posts to my fellow staffers, but I might schedule a few non-timely posts to go live while I’m gone.

Catch ya on the other side.

Back in Bama, ready to work

Vacation has ended and this writer is back in business for this, the 100th post in Bama Blog history. It was a nice few days spent on the southern shores of the U.S. There were plenty of Alabama fans enjoying the holiday weekend in Florida as the Tide fans easily won the battle of most-t-shirts, car-stickers and head-wear displayed.

Anyway, the countdown is getting serious now.

Football season is almost here.

Word came yesterday that Alabama’s season-opener with Virginia Tech in the Georgia Dome is officially a sell-out. Both Alabama and Tech sold their allotments of 31,300 tickets for the game meaning there would be no public sale of tickets.

That’s all for tonight. But the blog is back so come on back tomorrow.