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A sneak peek at Saban statue

There it is, the statue youve been waiting for!

The Nick Saban statue was installed Thursday afternoon outside Bryant-Denny Stadium. By tonight, about 100 fans had stopped by snapping photos, said security guards Jama Brown and Marcus Williams.

The two were assigned to guard the statue from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. Friday. Read more about their job in tomorrow’s newspaper.

Read that story by clicking here (or here)

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Video of Saban statue drawings

Hear Alabama student Jeremy Davis talk about his sketches that turned into the statue of Nick Saban set to be unveiled at Saturday’s A-Day game. The video goes with this story that ran in Wednesday’s paper.

One final Nick Saban statue update

Almost something to see here.

The long line of Nick Saban statue posts is about to end. Yes, it apparently exists and will be unleashed to the world before Saturday’s A-Day game in Tuscaloosa.

I just got done speaking with UA student Jeremy Davis whose drawings and prototype sculpture inspired the final product that will stand in the “Walk of Champions” for eternity.

Saturday’s unveiling will end a 16-month saga that took a few twists and turns before fading from the spotlight.

Read the paper tomorrow for the story behind the process of the statue’s creation.

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A few Friday notes

About to fly south, but there are a few Alabama football notes of interest.

First, UA formally announced the Nick Saban statue will be unveiled before the A-Day game April 16. Only a year late. Could be worse, I guess.

Secondly, senior linebacker Alex Watkins will miss the rest of spring practice with an unspecified knee injury.

“Alex Watkins injured his knee Wednesday and had successful surgery yesterday,” said Saban in a news release. “He will be out for the rest of spring practice, but we expect a full recovery for fall camp.”

Nick Saban statue update

Nothing to see here folks, still.

As you can see in this photo taken Tuesday, the statue is still either transparent or nonexistent.

We’re currently checking to see if there’s anything new on the Nick Saban statue mystery and will report any new developments as soon as they’re available.

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Saban talks about his still non-existent statue

As seen before the Iron Bowl

It’s been a topic of much mystery but little talk. What’s the deal with that statue of Nick Saban that was supposed to go up outside Bryant-Denny Stadium this fall?

One smart reporter (not me) asked Saban himself about the issue at this morning’s news conference. He deferred to his wife.

That’s Terry’s department. She wanted it to look a certain way, so I don’t even know hwere it’s at. I haven’t thought much about it and I really don’t know when it’s going to be done. It’s taking a while, though. Didn’t have a hell of a lot to work with, I guess. [laughter]

Hey, that isn’t the Nick Saban statue

Before the Iron Bowl

No, that is just a light-hearted fan standing where Nick Saban’s mysteriously absent statue was supposed to go back on A-Day. Now it’s almost December and still nothing.

I’m on it tomorrow. I’ll see what I can find out about this statue debacle and get the info to you ASAP.

Until then, have a nice Sunday.

Nick Saban statue update

Nice sitting area, not much to see.

This is the semi-regular no update update concerning the invisible statue of Nick Saban on the Walk of Champions.

Obviously, it isn’t there and I haven’t heard any time table for an unveiling. I’ll check into that Monday and get back to you.

What about that Saban statue?

Nick Saban's invisible statue as seen Saturday afternoon.

I have no concrete update on the status of the still absent statue on the Walk of Champions.

It’s just a picture of the still-empty pedestal that was supposed to be home to a likeness of Nick Saban after winning last season’s national title.

I’ve left messages for Alabama officials who would have updates on the status of the monument, but none have been returned. I’ll get back on that Monday since it seems to be an issue in the universe that is Alabama football.