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Almost-exclusive video of 2011 plaque installation on Walk of Champions

There was one TV crew and some passers-by getting footage, so here’s almost-exclusive footage of the action outside Bryant-Denny Stadium this afternoon. As you can see, a commemorative copy of the Crimson White student newspaper went under the plaque.


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Bryant-Denny empties again after half

Nick Saban made it clear on his Thursday radio show he wasn’t happy with the empty seats he saw at the end of the season-opening win over Kent State. The same complaint could be filed after last night’s 41-0 Crimson Tide win over North Texas.

Here is the student section a few minutes into the third quarter Saturday night.

Click to enlarge.

It thinned even further by the early stages of the fourth quarter.

Click to enlarge.

Not passing judgement here. I understand it was a blowout and there’s always a party to attend on a Saturday night in Tuscaloosa.

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Thousands of fans pouring to T-Town: An update

Yes, football fans, the season is here. Almost. T-minus 17 hours or so until Alabama and Kent State open the 2011 season in Bryant Denny Stadium.

Click here a for a look at the 360-degree scene outside the ball park this evening. This is the flat version:

What about the quad?

Click here for the 360-degree view of the scene below.

More to come later.

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Nick Saban statue update

Nothing to see here folks, still.

As you can see in this photo taken Tuesday, the statue is still either transparent or nonexistent.

We’re currently checking to see if there’s anything new on the Nick Saban statue mystery and will report any new developments as soon as they’re available.

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Pictures of pro-Auburn Bryant-Denny Stadium vandalism

You have seen pictures of the damaged grass outside Bryant-Denny Stadium. Well, here’s what the “Walk of Champions” grove of statues looked like this afternoon. As you can see, the “28-27” was still burned into the grass to commemorate the Iron Bowl score from last season.

I can remember my fraternity allegedly pulled a similar stunt when we burned our letters into the front yard of a sorority house. I think they allegedly used gas in the alleged prank.

Either way, the University of Alabama seems fed up with the Auburn-related vandalism. Photos circulated online of an Auburn sticker placed on Bear Bryant’s statue. A few weeks earlier, a Cam Newton jersey turned up on Bryant’s likeness.

Here’s proof of Alabama’s discontentment.

Don't tread on them.

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Alabama cracks football attendance top-5

The NCAA released attendance figures from the 2010 season, and thanks to the south end zone expansion of Bryant-Denny Stadium, Alabama ranked fourth.

The top-5:
1. Michigan (111,825 avg.)
2. Ohio State (105,278)
3. Penn State (104,234)
4. Alabama (101,821)
5.  Texas (100,654)

In case you’re keeping score, Auburn was 10th at 86,087. The average for the 120 Football Bowl Subdivision teams was 46,632.

Welcome to the Iron Bowl

For now, she rests

Bryant-Denny Stadium is all quiet for now. It’s a cold, gray November day but the spirits are high outside.

Still, the tailgating scene was a little off from what it was back in September when Penn State was in town. There were all kinds of signs taking a negative view towards Cam Newton. Just don’t expect to see too many of them on the CBS broadcast.

On a side note, I want to thank the Whitlock, Kausler and Gould families who took in this Thanksgiving refuge yesterday. It was outstanding.

Not a terrible crowd to start

I know most of you have moved on from Thursday night’s Alabama win over Georgia State, but the turnout was a matter of discussion earlier in the week, so why not address it on this eerily quiet Saturday afternoon.

First, let me say that I was surprised by how many seats were filled at kickoff. Also see this and this.

The students

After that, the support dwindled.

End of the first half.


Third quarter

Fourth quarter

By the end of the game, there were plenty of good seats available. See the video below to see how many people had left. Also listen for the “Rammer Jammer” cheer after the final play. It sounded like the marching band was playing something different, but the few hundred remaining students couldn’t resist.

Will the Georgia State game sell out?

There were empty seats Saturday night against Mississippi State.

So we can all be honest here. Thursday night’s game could be one of the ugliest beatings in a long time if Alabama chooses to take it there against Georgia State.

But that wouldn’t serve much of a purpose with Auburn coming to town next Friday. That means plenty of backups will see tons of playing time.

That said, and being a Thursday night affair, will Bryant-Denny Stadium fill to the brim? There were empty seats in the corner for Mississippi State on Saturday. You decide.

Time lapse of Alabama win over Mississippi State

Check out my latest attempt at time lapse photography. This week, here is 1,232 frames condensed down to 1:08 of video. Enjoy.

Welcome back to Bryant-Denny Stadium

All quiet for now. (Click to enlarge)

It is another gorgeous day in Tuscaloosa. You can’t ask for a prettier game day.

The scene outside Bryant-Denny Stadium was noticeably quiet.

Driving down the strip, cheers could be heard coming from bars with the Auburn/Georgia game on the TVs. Apparently A.J. Green caught a touchdown pass to put the Dawgs up 21-7 at the time (It’s now 21-14 with 5 minutes to play in the first half).

Update: Auburn tied Georgia 21-21 at the half

Check back later for updates.

What’s new with the Saban statue?

Nothing to see here, folks

Apparently, nothing.

I guess that A-Day estimate was a bit generous for the unveiling of the alleged Nick Saban statue on the “Walk of Champions.”

And based on a few brief conversations from the past week with Alabama officials, don’t expect that vacant space seen above to get a new occupant any time soon.

Another nice night in Bryant-Denny Stadium

The strip pregame. Click to enlarge.

It’s another gorgeous night in Bryant-Denny Stadium 90 minutes before kickoff between Alabama and Ole Miss.

The ride in was strangely free of traffic. All of the normal trouble spots were a breeze. I’m not sure what that means, but being homecoming Saturday, it may have been an early arriving crowd.

The field is mostly clear right now, but D.J. Fluker is in uniform on the sideline riding the exercise bike working on his injured groin.

Unfortunately, because of the late kickoff and early deadlines, this may be it for me on the blog tonight. Luckily, the game is on ESPN2. So tune in for updates in real time.

What about that Saban statue?

Nick Saban's invisible statue as seen Saturday afternoon.

I have no concrete update on the status of the still absent statue on the Walk of Champions.

It’s just a picture of the still-empty pedestal that was supposed to be home to a likeness of Nick Saban after winning last season’s national title.

I’ve left messages for Alabama officials who would have updates on the status of the monument, but none have been returned. I’ll get back on that Monday since it seems to be an issue in the universe that is Alabama football.

VIDEO: Penn St. game day start to finish

In case you didn’t make it to the game, check out this video for the complete game day experience, start to finish, as Alabama sent Penn State home with a 24-3 beating Saturday evening.