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VIDEO: Nick Saban talks about defending the Wildcat

Nick Saban was in Huntsville on Thursday morning speaking to an overflow crowd of a few hundred high school football coaches.

His speech spanned a number of topics from acting in “The Blind Side” to defending the “Wildcat” offense. The message also included dealing with the media and his philosophy of ignoring distractions. In case this was a question, Saban said he has never listened to the Paul Finebaum radio show, but that he “likes the guy.”

Here are a few videos of his Xs and Os talk about attacking the offensive scheme that uses a non-traditional quarterback taking a direct snap. More videos to come later this afternoon.



Nick Saban didn’t speak for a full minute Monday afternoon before the word he’d go on to repeat several more times in his weekly news conference. Respect. He has it for FCS Chattanooga and he made it clear that was the only team he’d discuss.

Auburn? Florida? Both were off limits for now.

“There won’t be anything that anybody remembers about this season if we didn’t have success against a team like this,” he said. “You can ask me all the questions about it, but that’s the answer to the question right there.”

For the record, nobody asked anything. He was still in the opening statement when those sentences came out.

Other highlights:

  • Linebacker Eryk Anders has a sprained ankle and will take it easy in practice for the next few days.
  • The team caught an early screening of “The Back Side” on Friday night and gave their head coach his fair share of ribbing for his cameo role. Read more later in the week.
  • Also expect more about senior class later in the week as they prepare for final home game.

Saban addresses "Blind Side" role

Read more in Friday’s paper, but Nick Saban talked about his role in “The Blind Side” in Wednesday’s news conference.

He addressed the “extremely handsome” comment made by Sandra Bullock’s character by telling reporters that was exactly what Leigh Ann Touhy said actual recruiting visit.

And when it came to the fact he played the LSU coach on the week that his team played the Tigers, Saban said it was something he struggled with.

“My heart’s here, so nobody has to worry about that of that stuff, especially this week,” Saban said.

Like I said earlier, read more Friday.

Bullock finds Saban ‘exteremly handsome’

At least that’s her line from a trailer for the movie “The Blind Side.” Of course Nick Saban plays a cameo roll in the movie coming out later this month. See the video below for the commercial I just caught on television.

It appears as if Sandra Bullock’s character has a thing for the current Alabama coach who plays the part of the LSU coach in the film. Skip to the 24-second mark to get to Saban’s appearance in the preview.

Saban lands in "Blind Side" trailer

Just watching a little television, enjoying some quiet time on this bye-week and who do I see? Nick Saban of course. Only he wasn’t wearing crimson and white.

He made a brief appearance in the trailer of the movie “The Blind Side.” If you forgot about his cameo role in the movie, read this. I have to admit, this movie looks like one of those special films that you don’t soon forget.

I know some of you aren’t happy to see Saban wearing purple and gold while playing the part of the LSU coach, but I think this flick is worth checking out.

Good Tuesday (afternoon) update

It’s that time again to take a daily look at what is making news in the Alabama athletic universe on the day before players report for football practice.

  • The trailer for Nick Saban’s film debut was just released. Click here to see the preview of “The Blind Side” but don’t expect to see the Crimson Tide coach wearing his old LSU gear. Saban’s cameo did not make the preview. After watching it, I know where I will be when the movie is released in November. It looks like one of those truly inspiring movies based on a true story only sports can produce.Bold
  • Paul Finebaum and Mike Bianchi continue to disagree over Urban Meyer’s status as the next Bear Bryant. Click here to see how the Orlando Sentinel columnist views Finebaum’s column.
  • New UNA coach Terry Bowden compared his first season with the Lions with Nick Saban’s at Alabama. Click here to read the column from the TimesDaily.
  • If you need any more help getting excited about the season, watch this video.
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