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Crowds growing at Bama basketball games

Read more in Friday’s paper about the rising attendance numbers at Crimson Tide basketball games. Alabama is averaging 10,668 fans per game heading into Saturday’s expected sellout against Auburn. That’s more than 700 more fans per game over last season.

Here’s a breakdown of the average crowds since 2000 with the national ranking beside the total:

2010: 10,668 (N/A)*
2009: 9,960 (44)
2008: 10,369 (40)
2007: 12,285 (27)
2006: 10,503 (35)
2005: 10,958 (32)
2004: 9,683 (48)
2003: 11,778 (26)
2002: 9,834 (42)
2001: 10,444 (38)
2000: 8,257 (58)

* one more game to go

Basketball Tide leads at half

Coming to you from a spacious Coleman Coliseum, plenty of good seats are still available for tonight’s Alabama basketball exhibition game with Augusta State. I’d hurry if you’re interested in filling those seats since it’s halftime in Tuscaloosa.

The Tide leads the Division II school 27-26 at the break as the two teams have already combined for 19 turnovers. Pretty, this game is not.

The visitors led by as many as eight in the sloppy first half. Stay tuned for a final, not that it counts toward anyone’s record either way.

Isn’t it football season?

It’s well-hidden, but volleyball is also played in the fall in Tuscaloosa. I was just heading out out of the media room at Coleman Coliseum when the noise from “The Cave” drew me in.

Alabama is playing Mississippi State in the gym behind the basketball arena. There are cheerleaders, a pep band, radio crew and Big Al was spotted. Who knew?

Since my last job was in the volleyball capital of the midwest, I can appreciate the sport. Laugh if you want, but it is not a bad sport to watch. It’s fast paced and the action can draw you in.

Watching the match from the end zone can be hazardous, though. Since I plopped down at the media table, one ball already whizzed our direction. That sucker was moving.

Alabama (5-9, 3-1) SEC lost the first game 25-16, but lead 15-9 in the second.

You can see from the photo below, my camera can’t handle the speed of the game.

UPDATE: Alabama won, 3-2

Coleman Coliseum scoreboards installed

Check out the new scoreboards inside Coleman Coliseum as photographed Tuesday afternoon.

Bryant-Denny Stadium expansion photos

Here are a few pictures of the work being done at Bryant-Denny Stadium as of Tuesday afternoon. Thrown in at the bottom is one of the Coleman Coliseum scoreboard project.

New scoreboard going into Coleman Coliseum

Although yesterday was more than a little busy on the Alabama beat, a power walk through Coleman Coliseum from one story to another produced the following picture.

The renovations inside he basketball home of the Crimson Tide continued with the new center-hung scoreboard. It was not in the air just yet, but here is a preview. Click here for previous pictures/renovation information.

Also, check out the new poll question:

Coleman Coliseum: A construction zone

There are signs blocking all the entrances into the seating bowl of Coleman Coliseum as work to the basketball home of the Crimson Tide is worked upon.

It looks like the new scoreboards are being installed in the end zones in a move approved by the board of trustees in April. First is a picture I took this afternoon of the progress to this point.

The second photo is the rendering of what the scoreboards are supposed to look like when completed. (Courtesy of now defunct “Rap Sheet blog”)

Expansion of Coleman Coliseum coming?

Well, the UA Board of Trustees will at least talk about the matter in Friday’s meeting. An agenda posted on the school’s Web site contained the following item on page 13 of 17:

“Consideration of Resolution approving Budget for Renovation and Expansion of Coleman Coliseum for New Men’s Basketball Practice Facility at UA (Stages I and II).”

It would be a big step for Anthony Grant’s program if it hopes to keep up with the big time college hoops arms race. Posh practice facilities have been all the rage with programs such as Kentucky, Louisville and many others spending multiple millions on similar facilities. It is the perfect place to show a recruit how committed the university is to winning basketball games.

The agenda didn’t say any more nor did it throw out dollar figures for the proposed project. Stay tuned for further details.