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Alabama’s strength of schedule? Not very

One of the joys of the summer comes in reading the piles of preseason preview magazines that flood the market. A quick stop at a local bookstore revealed the first few trickling onto the shelves just waiting to be devoured.

One of the stables is put together by a guy named Phil Steele. He always claims to be the most accurate predictor and who am I to say he isn’t. Anyway, I was just looking over his Web site and came across an interesting ranking: Strength of schedule.

Despite having a big shot in Virginia Tech to open the 2009 season, the Crimson Tide is not a leader in SOS. Here is a sampling:

1. Florida State
2. Oklahoma State
3. Syracuse
4. South Carolina
5. Auburn
109. Idaho
110. Alabama
111. Northwestern
112. Northern Illinois
113. Arkansas State

For the full rankings click here.