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VIDEO: Saban on defending Texas, breaking down film

This is Part II of the unstable videos I recorded during Nick Saban’s address to high school football coaches Thursday in Huntsville.

First, listen to Saban talk about the Crimson Tide’s defensive strategy it took when preparing to play Texas in the BCS National Championship Game back in January. Not only did Alabama coaches meet with Oklahoma coaches to get pointers on defending the Longhorns, Saban said the Tide spoke with the Cornhusker coaches from Nebraska who nearly upset Texas in the Big 12 title game.

Next, Saban breaks down footage from Alabama games and practices.


Thousands of Texas BCS shirts go to Haiti

Check out this story from that Austin Statesman-American about Texas’ plans to send national championship gear to the earthquake-ravaged country. It turns out they have 14,000 useless t-shirts laying around since both schools playing in a championship game prints mementos before the fact.

I’ve seen stories about New England Patriots’ Super Bowl shirts going to Africa after the Giants stunned the world a few years ago, so this isn’t a new thing. But nice, nonetheless. Kudos to Texas.

Speaking of the Longhorns, check out this strange story coming out of Tuscaloosa.

Almost game time. Here we go

Just got back from the field, and this place truly is electric. Television doesn’t do this place justice.

From watching Rolando McClain warm up, it is hard to believe there was anything wrong with him. He seemed liked the same old McClain who wasn’t sick for a few days.

As far as the crowd, it’s hard to say if there are more Alabama or Texas fans. The writer sitting next to me from the Orange County Register called it a deadlock. There isn’t a seat to be had, though. They’re jam packed in here.

This might be it for me until this one is over. Enjoy it.

The end is near

We’re nearing the 24-hour countdown of the game you’ve been waiting years to see. Will it be championship No. 13 or another year of waiting. We’ll find out soon enough.

My prediction: Alabama 24, Texas 14.

It will come down to the Crimson Tide defense getting pressure on Colt McCoy. I think it will happen and Greg McElroy’s offense will find enough to play from ahead.

Leave your prediction in the comment section or just vote on the poll.

VIDEO: BCS media day

First, take a walk with me through the ballroom for Alabama’s turn during media day.

BCS media day reveals personality

Time to take a deep breath. The media day circus is finally complete.

And it was a trip. It gave a rare glimpse into the human side of both football teams, a look you’ll get a better taste of if you read Wednesday’s paper. We learned about the “other” side of the athletes and found out a few surprising hobbies. There’s a cliffhanger.

Also read to find out which local walk-on can do a spot on impression of Nick Saban.

Like an idiot, I forgot my cord to connect the camera to the computer, so pictures and videos will have to wait. Now, it’s back to work.

Jinx talk doesn’t faze Ingram

Mark Ingram will deal with twice the bad luck in the BCS Championship if superstition is your thing. On top of the Sports Illustrated cover issue, he’s got the Heisman Trophy to deal with.

Who knew that’s a burden?

Apparently eight of the last 10 winners who went on to lose bowl games do. When asked to confront that bad mojo, Ingram brushed it off.

“Everybody else is focused on little things like that, jinxes and Heisman performances,” said Ingram who ran for a season-low 30 yards against Auburn on the week of his SI cover appearance. “We’re not focused on all that. …I’m not too worried about this Heisman jinx or anything like that.”

We’ll see Thursday.

Photo from Associated Press

BCS Day 3: More interviews, sunshine, pefect temperatures

Am I rubbing it in yet? Man this weather is ideal.

Unfortunately, we only see it when going from the car to the hotel. I swear, this is no vacation.

Today’s morning activities included interviews with the Alabama offensive stars and Texas’ defenders. Nothing major came from the chatter, but a few interesting nuggets emerged. Read Tuesday’s paper for a deeper look at Crimson Tide offensive coordinator Jim McElwain.

We never get to talk to him, per Alabama’s policy on assistant coaches, so there was some new ground to cover.

Also look for a notebook that will include the first time McElwain saw Mark Ingram play. Hint: It was long before either made it to Tuscaloosa.

Also, to see more photos of the BCS activities, check out Daily photographer Gary Cosby Jr.’s blog by clicking here.

VIDEO: Alabama, Texas practice

Here are a few videos of practice Sunday. First, Alabama:

BCS Day 2: Lots of running from place to place

News conferences began bright and early Sunday morning when Alabama defensive players arrived at 8 a.m. The herds of reporters got what we needed, did the same with the Texas offensive players and headed out to watch a few minutes of Texas practice.

Now, we’re about to see some of the Alabama practice. One thing’s for sure, any encounters with Nick Saban won’t be much like the one we had with Texas’ Mack Brown when he walked past reporters going into practice.

“Good morning, good morning, good morning,” Brown said with a smile.

There was a considerable walk from the Longhorn locker room to the practice field at UC-Irvine, and we made the walk at the same time as quarterback Colt McCoy and linebacker Sergio Kindle who commented on the hike. It’s funny that the long walk was the issue, not the amount of much more strenuous work he was about to do in practice.

Sorry if this reads like of stream of consciousness, but I’m working on pure caffeine right now. Video and pictures to come later.

Check out a few pictures from yesterday in the gallery.

BCS National Championship

VIDEO: Tide practices indoors Wednesday

The rainy weather forced Alabama to practice inside Wednesday afternoon. It has just one practice Thursday before flying to sunny southern California on Friday.

Here is a quick video I recorded from the practice. If you look close, you’ll see one of the state’s more recognizable former high school coaches. Rush Propst, formerly of Hoover High (and MTV’s Two-A-Days) and now a coach in Georgia, was among the prep coaches taking in practice Wednesday.

On a side note, see what Bobby Bowden told the Orlando Sentinel about the Alabama coaching job.

National championship t-shirts? Already?`

I hope to write more about this in the coming days, but I was walking through the mall in Decatur yesterday when I came across two separate stores already advertising BCS National Championship t-shirts.

Really? Already?

I guess that’s par for the course when a school in a football-crazed state is playing for the title. The rat race to sell every possible t-shirt begins well before the outcome is decided. Let me know if you’ve seen similar deals where you are.

For this sports writer, it’s one final trip to Tuscaloosa this afternoon before leaving for the west coast bright and early Saturday morning. Have a happy Wednesday and check back for more later on.

Another video from Monday practice

I forgot to upload this yesterday since things got a little busy. It’s nothing major, but another look at the linebackers practicing for the Jan. 7 BCS National Championship Game with Texas. Enjoy.

It’s official: Tide to BCS title game

No surprise. California, here the Tide come.

The BCS national title game matchup was just set live on FOX and, as expected, Alabama is headed to Pasadena to face Texas for its 13th national title.

More later.