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Finally, a deep breath

First, allow me to apologize for this self-indulgence in this, the 400th post in Bama Blog history. As you may remember, the New York Yankee baseball is my guilty pleasure. So last night was a celebration and an opportunity to take a deep breath.

Along with a few new friends at the Houndstooth sports bar on the strip in Tuscaloosa, this sports writer celebrated the Yanks’ return to power while most patrons ignored us. That’s fine, but Tide fans should remember the local influence on the 27th New York world title.

Tuscaloosa native and UA product David Robertson pitched in two of the World Series games although never left the bullpen Wednesday night. Catcher Jorge Posada played at Calhoun Community College before the Bombers’ drafted him.

So there is an Alabama flavor, although a small one, tossed into the World Series title that still has me smiling — and finally breathing normally again.