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JUST IN: Stasburg wins Golden Spikes

Alabama’s Kent Matthes, as expected, fell short of winning the Golden Spikes Award. San Diego State superstar Stephen Strasburg just picked up the award live online in St. Louis.

Good Tuesday morning update

It’s that time again to take a daily look at what is making news in the Alabama athletic universe.

  • Don’t forget to watch the Golden Spikes Award ceremony at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday. Alabama’s Kent Matthes is a finalist, but I wouldn’t place your bets on him. Stephen Strasburg is a shoe-in with his 100+ mph fastball. You can watch the award show on the official Web site.
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution writer Tony Barnhart has faith in Alabama returning to his home city for the SEC Championship game. He picks the Crimson Tide to win the West Division in his blog.
  • I guess Florida coach Urban Meyer is tired of all the Notre Dame rumors. His statement about the possibilities were made clear. Read this to see what he said. On a side note, Meyer will be in Huntsville this week to give a talk at the All-Star Sports Week. We’ll see if he’s up to speak with the media.