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UPDATED: A proud newspaper tradition continues

Let’s just say I was more than a little proud to work for the Decatur Daily when I found my paper waiting outside my door this morning. 
The spashy A1 headline (the courthouse one) was all I needed. Here is the first few paragraphs from reporter Holly Hollman who channeled her inner Sid Finch working on this story:

ATHENS — Entrepreneurs sell items on eBay ranging from lost Wiccan spells to astronaut ice cream.

Seeing what people will sell and buy can be funny unless you are local Limestone officials who learned a 16-year-old girl sold the courthouse to a foreign dignitary as a practical joke. 

Thattis Bogaus, a parliamentary deputy from Greece, bought the courthouse from local teenager Ima Lyon two weeks ago for $2 million. 

“I thought it was a great deal,” Bogaus said. “I could work and live in Athens, Greece, and vacation in Athens, Alabama.”

Read the rest by following this link. I would advise reading the entire story before phoning elected officials and have a happy April 1.

In a related story, LSU is installing purple turf in Tiger Stadium. 

UPDATED 5:11 p.m.: 
Shame on you ESPN and CBS Sports. You officially sold April Fools Day. They wrote fake stories, just like the Daily, but the sites did it with a sponsor. A certain shoe company partnered with the now laughable sites to write advertisements into the tales. Read ESPN’s explanation here and one of these pathetic excuses of faux journalism here.  

Shame, shame.