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Alabama tops coaches poll, Auburn No. 23

The preseason estimation of the coaches in the USA Today poll is out and there were not many surprises at the top Alabama got 55 of the 59 first-place votes but only 77 more total points than No. 2 Ohio State.

Just a reminder: Nick Saban is a voter in the poll and he previously said he didn’t think Alabama should be voted the preseason No. 1. So, we might have an idea where one of the four Ohio State votes originated.

Overall, there are six SEC schools in the top 25 and five of Alabama’s opponents on the list.

Rank; Team (first-place votes); 2009 record; Points; Final 2009 rank
1. Alabama (55); 14-0; 1,469; 1
2. Ohio State (4); 11-2; 1,392; 5
3. Florida; 13-1; 1,245; 3
4. Texas; 13-1; 1,240; 2
5. Boise State; 14-0; 1,215; 4
6. Virginia Tech; 10-3; 1,052; 10
7. TCU; 12-1; 1,051; 6
8. Oklahoma; 8-5; 1,035; NR
9. Nebraska; 10-4; 1,001; 14
10. Iowa; 11-2; 952; 7
11. Oregon; 10-3; 940; 11
12. Wisconsin; 10-3; 778; 16
13. Miami (Fla.); 9-4; 728; 19
14. Penn State; 11-2; 508; 8
15. Pittsburgh; 10-3; 492; 15
16. LSU; 9-4; 476; 17
17. Georgia Tech; 11-3; 455; 13
18. North Carolina; 8-5; 445; NR
19. Arkansas; 8-5; 438; NR
20. Florida State; 7-6; 374; NR
21. Georgia; 8-5; 312; NR
22. Oregon State; 8-5; 263; NR
23. Auburn; 8-5; 260; NR
24t. Utah; 10-3; 169; 18
24t. West Virginia; 9-4; 169; 22

Others receiving votes

Cincinnati (12-1) 135; Houston (10-4) 76; Brigham Young (11-2) 66; Arizona (8-5) 65; Ole Miss(9-4) 48; Clemson (9-5) 44; Stanford (8-5) 41; Connecticut (8-5) 40; Notre Dame (6-6) 38; South Carolina (7-6) 38; Washington (5-7) 26; Missouri (8-5) 23; Navy (10-4) 12; Oklahoma State (9-4) 11; Boston College (8-5) 10; Michigan State (6-7) 10; Arizona State (4-8) 6; California (8-5) 6; Texas Tech (9-4) 5; South Florida (8-5) 4; Texas A&M (6-7) 3; Northwestern (8-5) 2; Temple (9-4) 2; Central Michigan (12-2) 1; Mississippi State (5-7) 1; Nevada (8-5) 1; Northern Illinois (7-6) 1; Southern Methodist (8-5) 1.

Media takes Tide to win SEC

No major surprises in the preseason media poll as Alabama lands on top of the West Division and the overall championship voting. Florida is expected to make it three straight Gator/Tide SEC Championship Game showdowns by running away with the East Division.

Even Vanderbilt picked up a stray first-place vote in the East although it picked up the least amount of overall votes. In the West, only Mississippi State didn’t get at least one first-place vote although Ole Miss was picked to finish last overall.

East Division (first place votes)
1. Florida(153 1030
2. Georgia (15)791
3. South Carolina (8)790
4.Kentucky 462
5. Tennessee 450
6. Vanderbilt (1) 194

West Division (first place votes)
1. Alabama (157) 1034
2. Arkansas (6) 726
3. Auburn (10) 691
4. LSU (1) 653
5. Miss. State 320
6. Ole Miss (3) 293

SEC champion: Alabama (143), Florida (17), Auburn (7), Arkansas (3), Ole Miss (2), Georgia (2), LSU (1), South Carolina (1), Kentucky (1).

Who really will be a better pro?

It is the question I posed in the Bama Blog poll and there was a runaway winner. Rolando McClain has the high expectations of the readership by earning 77 percent of the vote. Javier Arenas and Terrence Cody picked up seven percent a piece to tie for second.

Click here for the compete results.

If you’re asking me, I’d have to agree with the 77 percent who went with McClain. He has all the physical and mental tools to succeed at the next level. He seems to be making an impact already in Oakland Raiders mini-camp and I’m fascinated to see how he’ll do this fall.

Arenas is another smart bet considering his versatility. Nick Saban said his NFL experience taught him the importance of having a player who can handle himself at cornerback and punt/kick returner. With smaller rosters, it’s important to find a player who can handle two positions like Arenas.

The only surprising result of the poll was the confidence the readers had in the other Alabama first-round pick. Kareem Jackson got just two percent of the vote.

I’d like to hear more of your views on the topic. Leave a comment by clicking the comment button at the top of the post. And if you haven’t voted yet, do so below.

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And now, the latest from Kige Ramsey.

New poll question to ponder

Blog readers like recruiting haul

Now, more than a week after signing day, it’s a good time to look at the results of your voting. As it turns out, nobody thought Alabama did worse than a “C” on the old grading scale. And 73 percent of the voters gave the Crimson Tide an “A”

Click here for the complete results and see how it broke down by state below.

The end is near

We’re nearing the 24-hour countdown of the game you’ve been waiting years to see. Will it be championship No. 13 or another year of waiting. We’ll find out soon enough.

My prediction: Alabama 24, Texas 14.

It will come down to the Crimson Tide defense getting pressure on Colt McCoy. I think it will happen and Greg McElroy’s offense will find enough to play from ahead.

Leave your prediction in the comment section or just vote on the poll.

New poll question, old results

Given the absurd amount of money BCS tickets are selling for, I ask you, how much would you be willing to pay for a seat in the Rose Bowl?

See the results of the last poll question here.

Coaches’ poll ballots released

Unlike the AP poll that releases all the voters’ ballots every week, the USA Today Coaches’ Poll does it just once a year.

And today was Christmas morning for those wanting to know who was voting for who. As you remember, Nick Saban is a voter, so you can see who he thought was No. 1

For a complete listing of all the ballots, click this link.

New poll question

The last poll question saw more than 100 votes cast. Find the final results here.

Now it’s time to vote again. The question seen below will appear on the right-hand side of the page for the rest of the week. So vote! It’s your obligation as a fan.