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Alabama vs. Notre Dame: It’s possible

If Alabama has anything, it’s plenty of natural rivals built into the schedule. Tennessee, LSU, and umm Auburn. There is one other that hasn’t been an opponent in two decades but remains unliked. I’ve seen Notre Dame play on television a few times in Tuscaloosa sports bars and every time the crowd cheered against the Irish. Loudly.

Now, they could get that opportunity in person. Don Kausler of the Birmingham News updated the ongoing talks between the two football powers about a potential neutral-site meeting.

My vote would be to play in New York at the new Yankee Stadium. Do you, the reader, have any thoughts on the matter? Leave a comment.


Good Wednesday morning update

It’s that time again to take a daily look at what is making news in the Alabama athletic universe.

  • Recruiting update: It turns out Nick Saban doesn’t land every high school player he recruits. Need evidence? Read this.
  • The Sporting News still loves Saban. They ranked him the second-best college football coach in the nation behind Florida’s Urban Meyer. Check out the complete rankings here.
  • Speaking of the head Gator, Meyer will be in Huntsville on Thursday as the keynote speaker at the Alabama All-Star Sports Week. Stay tuned for more since we plan to try and get a word with the defending national champion.
  • This column from the Tennessean of Nashville makes the connection between Meyer’s promise to stay away from Notre Dame to Saban’s 2006 claims that he would not leave the Dolphins for the Tide. When I hear about Meyer’s promise to stay in Gator-land, Saban’s famous South Florida press conference immediately came to mind. We’ll see if Urban is a man of his word when/if that big money offer comes in.