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SEC MEDIA DAYS: So it begins

It’s a madhouse already in Hoover as Nick Saban and his players have arrived at SEC Media Days.

As expected, dealings with agents is the No. 1 topic.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive said it is time for the NCAA to change rules on the issue while not condoning any kind of improper contact. He also said schools should be able to help student-athletes who want to pursue a job in professional sports just as it does with those choosing medicine.

Stay tuned for more. We are experiencing wireless issues here in the media compound. When they improve, I’ll load videos of the mob scene in the lobby as well as a video tour of all the places you’re used to seeing on TV.

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UPDATE: Internet issues continue here at the Wynfrey Hotel. Videos, I promise, are coming eventually. 

Notes that didn’t make print

Of course there is never enough space in the printed edition of the newspaper to get everything we’d like to you, the reader. Here are a few of the notes that were hacked from Friday’s edition.

Mike Slive didn’t even try to hide the smile on his face.

Times are good for the Southeastern Conference commissioner. Speaking at the league’s basketball media day in Birmingham, Slive was more than happy to brag on the recent accomplishments.

From the television contracts to the high expectations surrounding the apparent return to glory for basketball in the conference, Slive had a reason to grin.

Even the excitement over a few off-field, seemingly non-issue stories speak to the SEC’s ability to capture the public’s imagination. Those issues include Tennessee football’s attempt to wear orange jerseys Saturday at Alabama and South Carolina’s complaint over the Tide kicker’s use of white tape to mark the spot for field goals and extra points.

“It just goes to show you the interest in the league, the competitiveness of the league,” Slive said. “There isn’t anything that happens in this league that doesn’t create interest, speculation, curiosity and further adds to the excitement that we have. In my office I tell my staff, ‘If you don’t like this, just wait five minutes. We’re going to have something else to deal with.’ ”

On the injury front, Alabama coach Nick Saban said the minor injuries that kept a few of his players off the field last Saturday are healing.

Javier Arenas (ribs), Josh Chapman (abdominal), and Dre Kirkpatrick (back) all practiced through the week and appear to be available for Saturday’s 2:30 p.m. CDT visit from Tennessee.

Saban also said linebackers Cory Reamer and Chris Jordan had “bumps and bruises, but working their way through it.”

MEDIA DAY 1: Mike Slive brags on SEC

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive just gave the opening address. The photo is courtesy of the Associated Press. Here are the highlights:

  • There is no other media day like this anywhere in the country,” he said.
  • More than 1,000 credentials were issued compared to 836 last season.
  • Of the 24 sports sponsored by the conference, 11 SEC schools were either national champions or runners-up.
  • At the 2008 Summer Olympics, SEC athletes won 51 medals. If the SEC were a country, it would have been fourth-best in the medal count.
  • ESPN execs also took a turn at the podium to brag on their offerings. They also love the SEC for reasons found in the following note.
  • 77 million people watched SEC football on the ESPN family of networks.
  • There will be 23 more SEC football games televised in 2009 than 2008.
  • They even produced a video hosted by Chris Fowler to repeat nearly every point made by the exec who chose not to identify himself.
  • In summation, the SEC loves the SEC just about as much as the ESPN loves the SEC.

Good Friday morning update

It’s that time again to take a daily look at what is making news in the Alabama athletics universe.

  • Other than commish Mike Slive, the most powerful human in the SEC is Nick Saban. At least that’s what the Orlando Sentinel is saying. The paper ranked the 10 most powerful in list-form that also included Paul Finebaum and Paul W. Bryant Jr. Here is the complete list:

1. Mike Slive, SEC commissioner
2. Nick Saban, Alabama football coach
3. Jeremy Foley, Florida athletic director
4. Urban Meyer, Florida football coach
5. Tim Tebow, Florida quarterback
6. Jimmy Sexton, agent
7. John Calipari, Kentucky basketball coach
8. Paul Finebaum, newspaper columnist and talk show host
9. Michael Glazier, attorney
10. Paul W. Bryant Jr., Alabama booster

The second 10

11. Pat Summitt, Tennessee women’s basketball coach
12. Chuck Gerber, SEC consultant on the ESPN television package.
13. S. Daniel Ponce, Florida booster, president of Orange Bowl Committee for 2008-09 festival term
14. Don Leeburn, Georgia booster
15. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina football coach
16. Bobby Lowder, Auburn booster
17. Billy Donovan, Florida men’s basketball coach
18. Frank Broyles, former Arkansas football coach/athletics director
19. Rogers Redding, NCAA secretary-rules editor and SEC coordinator of football officials
20. Lane Kiffin, Tennessee football coach

  • Columbus Dispatch columnist Bob Hunter has a new take on how to run the BCS: Put congress in charge. Sarcasim is thick. Read more here.