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A video milestone reached

As we approach the 500th post in Bama Blog history, the videos of this page have reached it’s own landmark. Granted, my YouTube channel had about 15,000 video views before coming back to Alabama, it’s really taken off in recent months and weeks. Thanks to the 15,000 or so views in the past two weeks, I’ve reached this point:

To see the 42 Alabama related videos, along with a few from the Bruce Springsteen concert, Yankee games, and events I covered at my last job, check out the YouTube channel here. The most-viewed Alabama video is this one followed by this and this.

Springsteen: Best show possible

Again, I apologize for the self-indulgence, but here goes. Let me just say Bruce Springsteen is one heckuva athlete. For three non-stop hours last night in Nashville, The Boss delivered. In my mind, it was iconic.

At 60 years young, Springsteen had the energy of an 8-year-old after plowing throw six bags of pure sugar. He just has a way of making each and every member of a 14,000-member audience feel like it’s a one-on-one show. So many of these self-absorbed “rock stars” of today would never let a fan reach out and touch him, but Bruce (we’re on a first-name level) actually crowd surfed his way from one stage to another. (See video of the act I show below).

In all honestly, I feel bad for those who don’t appreciate his music and his concert domination. It is way too hard to explain, because if you don’t understand already, it’s almost impossible to put it into words. Just check out a few clips of last night’s show here, here and here. And check out my video of the crowd surfing Springsteen below.

Springsteen-bound sports writer

I am sorry, but this will be the only posting on the blog today. This sports writer is Bruce Springsteen-bound. The Boss is playing tonight in Nashville, and I’m headed north to see the greatest band in the world.

Yeah, I said it and 100 percent believe it.

So, unless news breaks, this will be it from me today. Have a good one and expect a full report tomorrow.