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Bad news, chatters

I know this is devastating news, but Friday’s regularly scheduled live chat won’t happen this week.

This sports writer will be driving to Kentucky Friday afternoon for Saturday’s game. Sorry to disappoint.

In attempt to salvage something, please post your score predictions in the comment section.

Chat live at noon

Alabama football

Live chat

Well, the live chat didn’t go very well. Participation was lacking. So maybe we need to rethink the timing.

Is there a better time to do a live chat? Let me know by leaving a comment or by e-mailing me at Thanks for your time.

Live chat replay

Check out the replay of the first Bama Blog chat.

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Finally, a slow day

Wow. Is it really 3:47 p.m. already? And no posts on the blog after 17 in the first two days of September?

Weak, I know.

However, I promise I’m not kicking my feet up and relaxing as that countdown clock at the top of the right-hand side of the page ticks down to zeros. This beat writer is cranking out the last few stories of the week before preparing for the Friday live chat.

That’s right, the Bama Blog is hosting a live chat to discuss Alabama football at noon (Central time) Friday. Enter your e-mail in the box below to receive a reminder by e-mail.

And if news breaks (or if something interesting pops into my little brain), the blog will be updated.

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Coming Friday: Bama Blog first live chat

Get ready to talk Alabama football. On the eve of the Crimson Tide season opener, the Bama Blog will host the very first live chat of the season.

Just enter your e-mail below to get a reminder for the event. It will begin at noon CST (1 p.m. Eastern) Friday and run for one hour. If everything goes well, we will make this a weekly feature.

Alabama chat