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NEW FEATURE: Watch list database

You’ll notice a new feature on the right side of the blog homepage if you look close enough.

Keep up with all the watch list news from your favorite national award, and goodness knows there are plenty to keep track of.

Click here to take a look at the new database that will be updated every time a new list is released or updated.

And, to see The Bama Blog video of the day that is a belated July 4th celebration, follow this link.

One final note, I want to thank the viewers who helped push Bama Blog videos past another milestone. I believe it was December when I said blog videos had been viewed almost 60,000 times. Well, see the image below to see what we’re up to now. Thanks for watching and expect more videos with higher quality to come.

The blog is back in town

The hibernation is over and, yes, the blog is back in town.

SEC football Media Days are just a few more away, and you know what that means. The only season that really matters is lurking around the next corner.

So stick with the blog. The quiet days are coming to a close and its almost time to get serious.

But before then, check out the Bama Blog video to the day to hold you over.

And in a slight twist, the blog would be remiss if it didn’t pay tribute to one of the greatest voices in sports, now silenced. Enjoy this homage to Yankees public address announcer Bob Sheppard, who died Sunday at 99. 

Saban opens up in Sporting News interview

There are several ways of looking at Nick Saban’s sit down with the Sporting News on sale right now. There is no link to provide to the full interview since the magazine does not publish its content online right away.

But bits and pieces are leaking onto the web.

See this this and this.

The Q & A includes the always juicy topic of Saban’s departure from the Miami Dolphins. One Yahoo! Sports writer thinks this is a strategic move for what he thinks could be the next step in Saban’s nomadic career.

It is, after all, the middle of summer on the football calendar, so we need something to talk and write about. From my experiences, I’d say it is hard to read too much into the comments, but you just never know sometimes.

And now, for the Bama Blog video of the day, enjoy some more international flavor.

More textbook trouble (not in Alabama this time)

Alabama athletes weren’t the first, and apparently not the last to find a little wiggle room in their scholarship benefits when it comes to the bookstore. The University of San Francisco was the latest to hear from the NCAA about athletes abuse of learning materials.

Think back a year, and UA was mulling over its options to appeal sanctions it received in a similar case that included nearly twice as many athletes as San Francisco.

The penalties out west didn’t include rewriting any of the record books like they did in Tuscaloosa, but Bill Russell’s alma mater lost a men’s basketball scholarship.

Ask me, and penalizing the future burns more than vacating a few wins.

On a lighter note, I’m proud to announce the rebirth of The Bama Blog video of the day. So, as you enjoy your Friday lunch, check this one out