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BCS Day 2: Lots of running from place to place

News conferences began bright and early Sunday morning when Alabama defensive players arrived at 8 a.m. The herds of reporters got what we needed, did the same with the Texas offensive players and headed out to watch a few minutes of Texas practice.

Now, we’re about to see some of the Alabama practice. One thing’s for sure, any encounters with Nick Saban won’t be much like the one we had with Texas’ Mack Brown when he walked past reporters going into practice.

“Good morning, good morning, good morning,” Brown said with a smile.

There was a considerable walk from the Longhorn locker room to the practice field at UC-Irvine, and we made the walk at the same time as quarterback Colt McCoy and linebacker Sergio Kindle who commented on the hike. It’s funny that the long walk was the issue, not the amount of much more strenuous work he was about to do in practice.

Sorry if this reads like of stream of consciousness, but I’m working on pure caffeine right now. Video and pictures to come later.

Check out a few pictures from yesterday in the gallery.

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