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Other Casagrande found

Mystery: Solved.

It didn’t take long to locate Bob Casagrande (click here for the back story). A simple google search and confirmation e-mail found him living in Treasure Island, Fla.

I apologize if you were bored by the brief search for a recently found family member, but I thought it would make for an interesting story that could only be told on the blog. He remains a big Alabama fan and attends several games a season.

Check back later for highlights from the weekly SEC football teleconference.


Another Casagrande in Alabama?

I know, I was shocked too. I discovered the existence the other one when looking on the walls of a Tuscaloosa restaurant a few weeks.

There he was, staring back at me from a program mug shot.

There was Bob Casagrande.

Having such a unique and Italian (I promise) last name in this part of the country can draw sideways looks. So I was happy to see there was another Casagrande in Tuscaloosa, although it’s been several decades since Bob played for the Crimson Tide.

I had almost forgotten about finding the picture until this afternoon when a loyal reader from California contacted me by e-mail. Gaston Kent of Palos Verdes, Calif., was one of Bob Casagrande’s Delta Tau Delta fraternity brothers at Alabama and he was wondering if I was related. My grandfather in Matawan, N.J. was not familiar with and Casagrandes who lived in the Florida town Bob had listed as a hometown in the program.

Anyway, Kent was looking to see if anyone knew where Bob Casagrande is. So am I.

If any other reader has any idea what happened to the former player nicknamed “Cas” you can send an e-mail to or just leave a comment. Maybe you can provide the next chapter in the case of the missing Casagrande.

There are at least two of us really interested in finding an outcome.