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Finally! A new poll question

After allowing the last poll question to fester on the blog for well over a month, I present a new one with an added feature. Feel free to leave comments on this new one if the mood strikes you.

Enjoy, but play nice.

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A better rivalry? Yanks/Sox or Tide/Tigers

Today is a special one for people like me. The Yankees and Red Sox open a four-game series in the Bronx, so I am more than a little excited. (Full disclosure: Big Yankee fan here).

Tonight’s game (and a few hours to kill) got me thinking about the biggest rivalries. Granted, this is one of those questions that has no definitive answer, but it is worth throwing out there.

Which rivalry is more heated? Boston/New York or Alabama/Auburn?

For someone who knows both, it’s a real tough one. I keep going back and fourth.

The biggest difference, from my perspective, is the general demeanor and personality of the fan bases. There is obviously no greater geographical difference between the northeast and the deep south. People up there (where my entire extended family is from and where I was born) seem to be much more outspoken and colorful when it comes to displaying their passion.

Down here, the excitement is veiled more, but no less intense. Anger and passion simmers below the surface longer in the south where northerners (or Yankees) are much more in your face with their views. Just watch YouTube videos of the brutal fights in the crowd at Yanks/Sox games to see examples of opposing views clashing violently.

I don’t know if any of my preceding points made any sense, but I welcome you to weigh in on the topic by leaving a comment below.

Tell us which rivalry is more heated and back it up with evidence. Play nice.