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SEC MEDIA DAY 2: And we’re off

It’s way too early for sports writers to have consciousness, but Bobby Petrino has stepped to the microphone to get this party started.

SEC director of officials Rogers Redding just spoke about rules changes. There aren’t many. The most notable difference concerns banning the 3-man wedge on kickoff returns. 

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Saban on SEC teleconference

Here are some of the highlights from the late morning teleconference:

  • Nick Saban said there are a lot of areas to improve the Tide defense. He said they’ve “played the run fairly well for the most part.” That might be something of an understatement since the Alabama run defense ranks second nationally.
  • When talking about injuries to Julio Jones and Roy Upchurch, Saban said both are continuing to progress and if that continues he’s “hopeful both guys can play in the game.”
  • The SEC West is incredibly balanced, Saban said, and Arkansas is just as good as anyone in the division.
  • Saban is impressed with the patience Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett shows in the pocket.

Razorback coach Bobby Petrino followed Saban on the teleconference.

  • Petrino said he was excited to play “in one of the greatest stadiums in the country” when referencing Bryant-Denny Stadium.
  • When talking about the defensive breakdowns in the 52-41 loss to Georgia, Petrino said there weren’t any signs of worry in practice leading up to the game. Georgia just found ways to make big plays while Arkansas had a few technique and assignment errors.
  • Petrino is “concerned” with a low 3rd down conversion rate (6-for-24) but said that should turn around soon.
  • Alabama’s wildcat and pistol formations have impressed Petrino because of the ability to misdirect defenses.
  • When asked about Alabama’s defense, Petrino said “there aren’t a lot of weaknesses.”

MEDIA DAY 1: Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino has honors

Arkansas’ Bobby Petrino was the first to step in front in front of the print media. Here are a few notes from his comments:

  • He is happy to have John L. Smith on board as his offensive coordinator. Petrino was an offensive coordinator under his new assistant at Louisville.
  • “John L. kind of raised my in this profession,” Petrino said.
  • He’s happy to see high school offenses throwing the ball around the field.
  • “There is no doubt we will be better.”
  • New QB Ryan Mallett “can throw the ball down field,” he said. The Michigan transfer also lost significant weight so he will be much more mobile than he had been.
  • He feels more comfortable at Media Days this time as opposed to last season — his first time.
  • Texas, Alabama, Florida games from last year were “blacked out” of his memory because of lost opportunities.
  • When asked if he voted for Tim Tebow for All-SEC first team, Petrino drew a laugh. “I’m not crazy. I probably did.” Tebow, to the surprise of many, was not a unanimous pick for the first-team when the coaches voted.
  • From the SEC: Arkansas returns players that accounted for 99 percent of its rushing and 97 percent of its passing from 2008.
  • “You just don’t think about those things,” Petrino said when asked how different his career would have been if Michael Vick had not gone to prison for the infamous dog fighting charges. Remember, Petrino coach most of one season with the Atlanta Falcons in the first season without Vick, who was just released from federal custody yesterday.
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