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Saban fires back on S.C. tape claim

This one won’t die. Nick Saban responded to Steve Spurrier’s complaints of illegal use of tape by Alabama kickers with a counter accusation. Here’s what the AP wrote about it:

Saban: South Carolina spotted kicks last year, too

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — Alabama coach Nick Saban says his kickers won’t use tape to spot field goals and extra points — but says the Crimson Tide is hardly the only offender.

South Carolina Steve Spurrier pointed out Leigh Tiffin’s use of the white tape to spot his kicks in last week’s game, and reported it to the Southeastern Conference. He said Tiffin quickly put the tape in his pocket after kicking.

Saban said Wednesday he didn’t know Tiffin was using the tape, and says it isn’t worth risking a 5-yard penalty. However, he said Tide coaches have found that more than half of SEC teams put something like a piece of grass or mud on the field so the kicker knows where the ball will be spotted.

Saban said they even verified that South Carolina’s kicker did it last year.

UPDATED: Spurrier: Alabama kicks questionable

In yet another strange twist, South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier is crying foul on Alabama’s kicking game.

Read more here in a story by The State newspaper in Columbia.

The gist: Spurrier claims Tide holder P.J. Fitzgerald used a piece of white tape to make the spot when the ball would be held for kicker Leigh Tiffin.

Just when you thought you’d heard it all …

UPDATE: Alabama has been contacted by the SEC to make the school aware of the claim filed by South Carolina. More, possibly, to come.

A few Wednesday notes/links

It’s just a lazy afternoon in the media room for this beat writer (not really). But since I’ve neglected this space all day, here are a few nuggets to chew on. (Again, none of that Bleacher Report stuff will appear on this blog)

  • The Associated Press wrote an interesting piece about Nick Saban/Steve Spurrier angle for Saturday’s game. Read it here.
  • Doug Segrest, formerly of the Decatur Daily now of the Birmingham News, did a midseason report for the SEC. Take a gander by clicking this.
  • Bobby Jackson, the first quarterback to play under Bear Bryant at Alabama, died Monday at age 73. Read more about him in this story from the Mobile Press-Register.
  • The original Big Al mascot costume is headed for its final resting place — the Bear Bryant Museum. Don’t believe me? Then click this.
  • In case you’ve followed jtbowtie on YouTube, you’ll want to see his latest effort that breaks down the South Carolina and Tennessee games. It’s not flattering for the Gamecocks or Vols if you had to guess.

BREAKING NEWS! Spurrier cops to crime. He (sorta) voted against Tebow

Word is Steve Spurrier confessed to being the lone SEC coach who picked against All-Everything Florida quarterback Tim Tebow for first-team all-conference. He did the talking in one of the other press conferences for television cameras or radio crews.

Stay tuned for more details on this most pressing story of the day.

UPDATE: Spurrier told the writers that his director of operations did the voting and he did not look close enough at the ballot before sending it off.

After the controversy began, he made a comment among staff members asked who could possibly vote against Tebow. His operations guy confessed. Spurrier then called the SEC and asked to change his vote and was granted that request.

“I didn’t sleep worth a dang last night thinking about it,” Spurrier said.

That’s it. Story over. Now we can resume life as it was before this scandal broke.

(Photo by the Associated Press)