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The Heisman: The day after …

It’s been a full 24 hours and I still had that initial posting about Mark Ingram’s Heisman at the top of the page.

Weak, I know.

I’ve been away from the reaches of wireless internet for most of the time. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Now that the hoopla has died down, I have to say, Saturday night in Times Square was not lacking excitement. It had a different kind of energy than a run of the mill winning football game.

And I’ll be honest, although an impartial and unbiased reporter, I have to say I was happy for Ingram. He’s legitimately a nice kid who doesn’t seem to have to ego that a Heisman Trophy winner would presumably carry.

Read more about his mother Shonda Ingram’s reaction in Monday’s paper. Then, later in the day look for some more of the pictures and a little video I captured from the Saturday night madness that was the Heisman Trophy aftermath.

With that, I sign out for the night from Gate B3 in the Charlotte International Airport.

And the journey begins …

Coming to you live from gate B10 in the Nashville International Airport, this sportswriter is waiting for a late plane. I’m headed to New York for the Heisman Trophy presentation and hope to bring you as much coverage as possible, both on this blog and in print.

For a quick update on the projections, check out Mark Ingram still holds a lead, but it’s still very early.

For now, I’m going to catch some zzzs as I wait for this tardy plane.

12:46 UPDATE: Made it to Philadelphia, but flight to Newark is delayed, thus hurting chances at getting to afternoon availability with Ingram in the city. Cross your fingers.