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Cody, McClain, Deaderick make preseason debuts

Terrence Cody (63) battles in the Associated Press photo

The NFL preseason is underway and a few Alabama rookies got their feet wet Thursday night.

Rolando McClain had two tackles including one solo for the Oakland Raiders 17-9 win over the Cowboys.

Even more impressive was Terrence Cody. He had five tackles — four solo — and one for loss in the Ravens’ 17-12 win over the Panthers. He even lined up in the backfield as a fullback blocking for another former McClain from Alabama — running back Le’Ron McClain.

Read more about Cody’s blocking skills in the Baltimore Sun.

In Foxboro, Brandon Deaderick got a little playing time in the Patriots’ 27-24 loss to the Saints. Deaderick had one tackle in the fourth quarter.

Hazing claims Rolando McClain’s hair

The hazing of 2010 continues in the NFL. Unlike Tim Tebow’s now infamous monk cut, Rolando McClain’s new style isn’t getting the same kind of hype.

Except here.

Courtesy of the Thoughts from the Dark Side blog that follows the Oakland Raiders, here is a look at McClain’s unfortunate new look. I guess $40 million contracts aren’t enough to keep the clippers away.

McClain signs with Raiders

Associated Press photo
It looks like Rolando McClain won’t miss a practice after all. Every media outlet in the Bay Area is reporting the Butkus Award winner from Decatur signed his contract with the Oakland Raiders and is heading to the wine country in Napa for training camp.
Details of the contract were not published by sources outside of The worldwide leader says the Decatur product is guaranteed $23 million of the $40-million deal that spans five years. Check out that story by clicking here.
If those numbers are accurate, McClain’s deal is considerably better than the one last year’s eighth overall pick received. Offensive lineman Eugene Monroe inked a deal worth (just) $35.4 million overall and (just) $19.2 million guaranteed.
This negotiation went much better than the JaMarcus Russell fiasco of a few years back. No lengthy holdout will spoil the rookie season for McClain who is expected to play a big part in the rebuilding Raider defense.
For stories straight from Raiders’ trainng camp, click here and here.
As always, stick with the blog for any updates we can provide.

Raiders hope to sign McClain by Thursday

Practice begins tomorrow and Rolando McClain remains unsigned for now. As the clock ticks down to the beginning of the Oakland Raiders’ training camp, the team is still working on a deal with the Decatur product.

According to an Associated Press story, they’re hoping to have the ink dried by Thursday when practices begin out west.

In other news, Terrence Cody has passed his physical with the Baltimore Ravens, is practicing, and apparently has a new nickname courtesy of a teammate.

Stick with the blog for updates.

Rolando McClain only Raider rookie without deal

Training camp is drawing near, but Rolando McClain has no contract with the Oakland Raiders just yet. Al Davis signed second-rounder Lamarr Houston yesterday, leaving McClain as the only one with out a deal.

McClain’s agent Pat Dye Jr., does not typically comment on rookie contract negotiations, said a spokesperson for his agency.

Stay tuned to The Bama Blog for any updates that might come on this story.

Until then, check out this reel of McClain’s senior season.

Checking in on ‘Bama NFL rookies

It’s been about a month since the NFL draft and the Crimson Tide players selected are settling into their new surroundings. Here are a few updates courtesy of the beat writers who cover the teams and a few other newspapers.

Leigh Tiffin wasn’t drafted, but he signed on with the Cleveland Browns. The TimesDaily ran this update in today’s paper.

Terrence Cody appears to be doing well with the Baltimore Ravens, according to this story and this story.

Javier Arenas is working at nickel back with the Chiefs, the Kansas City Star reports.

Mike Johnson is working with the Falcons second-team offensive line, so says the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

Rolando McClain, the San Francisco Examiner says, is “a stud.”

Kige Ramsey didn’t play at Alabama, but he does like his Tennessee Titans jerseys and makes great videos. Here is your Kige video of the day.

Who really will be a better pro?

It is the question I posed in the Bama Blog poll and there was a runaway winner. Rolando McClain has the high expectations of the readership by earning 77 percent of the vote. Javier Arenas and Terrence Cody picked up seven percent a piece to tie for second.

Click here for the compete results.

If you’re asking me, I’d have to agree with the 77 percent who went with McClain. He has all the physical and mental tools to succeed at the next level. He seems to be making an impact already in Oakland Raiders mini-camp and I’m fascinated to see how he’ll do this fall.

Arenas is another smart bet considering his versatility. Nick Saban said his NFL experience taught him the importance of having a player who can handle himself at cornerback and punt/kick returner. With smaller rosters, it’s important to find a player who can handle two positions like Arenas.

The only surprising result of the poll was the confidence the readers had in the other Alabama first-round pick. Kareem Jackson got just two percent of the vote.

I’d like to hear more of your views on the topic. Leave a comment by clicking the comment button at the top of the post. And if you haven’t voted yet, do so below.

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And now, the latest from Kige Ramsey.

McClain: Gone with the autumn wind

 Daily photo by Jeronimo Nisa

Now that the morning after is almost over, let’s talk a look at what everyone is saying about Rolando McClain’s new football home, Oakland. I recommend listening to this and this while digesting what is to follow. 

“Rolando McClain is a physical, savvy leader at linebacker, which matches the philosophy Raiders Coach Tom Cable is trying to instill in Oakland.” Matt Waldman, New York Times

“The first twist came at No. 8, when the unpredictable Oakland Raiders took Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain, who most people had predicted would go in the teens. That drew raucous boos from the Giants fans in the balcony section of the theater because they were hoping McClain would be around when their team picked in the middle of the round.” Sam Farmer, Los Angeles Times

“At 6-foot-3, 254 pounds, McClain has the body of Junior Seau — and, by all accounts, the passion, dedication and inspirational presence of Ray Lewis.” Monte Poole, San Jose Mercury News

“Al Davis doesn’t care if he upsets Raiders fans with his draft picks. So it’s no surprise that Davis fails to honor Raider Nation wishes by drafting a new owner. Instead he goes with a linebacker, Rolando McClain.” Scott Ostler, San Francisco Chronicle 

“Great common sense pick by Raiders. Unlike last year, where DHB pick was greeted with laughter, most everyone nodded their heads and seemed pretty impressed by selection of McClain.Jerry McDonald, Oakland Tribune

Here is a Q&A McClain did with the Oakland Tribune, an other with Raiders coach Tom Cable.

I wrote this story and this story (also found here) for today’s paper and Daily photographer Jeronimo Nisa produced this photo gallery.