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Terrence Cody can fly

Check out this picture by Daily photographer Gary Cosby Jr. It looks like Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett is about to pay the ultimate price with all 354 pounds of Terrence Cody looming above. It turns out the big guy was just jumping to avoid Mallett, but it makes for an amazing photo.

A few Thursday afternoon notes

Now felt like a good time to take a break from the normal Thursday marathon of story writing. Keep an eye out for Friday’s story that takes a behind the scenes look at how the Bryant-Denny Stadium field stays so dry in spite of heavy rain showers.

  • Former Alabama player Tommy Johnson was hired to coach the Lexington Horseman of the af2 where he will coach against the Tennessee Valley Vipers. Read more here.
  • Check out Nick Saban’s interview and preview of the Arkansas game with ESPN by clicking here.
  • My Saturday story will deal with Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett. If you want a head start on your homework, check out this story about the cannon-armed QB.
  • See USA Today’s prediction of Saturday’s game by clicking this link.
  • Tonight’s game between Ole Miss and South Carolina will be fascinating to see just how good the Rebels will be. No, it won’t tell the full story, but it should give us a better idea of how the Tide’s Oct. 10 game in Oxford stacks up.
  • Don’t forget to come back at noon Friday for the weekly Alabama chat. See you then.