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Tide back on cover of Sports Illustrated

This time, Mark Ingram got a break and the defense got all the love on the latest Alabama-themed cover of Sports Illustrated. That’s four since November if I’m counting properly (Here’s 1, 2 and 3). Ingram appeared on the cover of 1, 3 and the SI for Kids from August seen over to the side.

As you can see, Dont’a Hightower, Mark Barron and Marcell Dareus appear next to the rankings that puts the Crimson Tide on top again. (Don’t let Nick Saban see that part).

All these covers may create an issue in the Alabama football complex. There is a wall next to the media room with all the Alabama magazine covers (mostly SI) blown up and framed. Before last season, there was plenty of room, but before the one above hit stands, the frames reached all the way down the hall. Where to put this one?

UPDATED: A proud newspaper tradition continues

Let’s just say I was more than a little proud to work for the Decatur Daily when I found my paper waiting outside my door this morning. 
The spashy A1 headline (the courthouse one) was all I needed. Here is the first few paragraphs from reporter Holly Hollman who channeled her inner Sid Finch working on this story:

ATHENS — Entrepreneurs sell items on eBay ranging from lost Wiccan spells to astronaut ice cream.

Seeing what people will sell and buy can be funny unless you are local Limestone officials who learned a 16-year-old girl sold the courthouse to a foreign dignitary as a practical joke. 

Thattis Bogaus, a parliamentary deputy from Greece, bought the courthouse from local teenager Ima Lyon two weeks ago for $2 million. 

“I thought it was a great deal,” Bogaus said. “I could work and live in Athens, Greece, and vacation in Athens, Alabama.”

Read the rest by following this link. I would advise reading the entire story before phoning elected officials and have a happy April 1.

In a related story, LSU is installing purple turf in Tiger Stadium. 

UPDATED 5:11 p.m.: 
Shame on you ESPN and CBS Sports. You officially sold April Fools Day. They wrote fake stories, just like the Daily, but the sites did it with a sponsor. A certain shoe company partnered with the now laughable sites to write advertisements into the tales. Read ESPN’s explanation here and one of these pathetic excuses of faux journalism here.  

Shame, shame. 

Bama Blog hits the big time

There was no mention by name, but Sports Illustrated’s Web site featured a little Bama Blog flavor last week. I wondered why my video of Jarvis Varnado’s record-breaking block had nearly 25,000 views in a blink of the eye (a record for me by a long shot).

Thank you to “Hot Clicks” on the “Extra Mustard” section of By throwing my crude video of the block on the site, it’s been viewed 25,830 times now. The sports editor at my last paper even saw it without knowing which shaky hands were operating the point-and-shoot camera that evening.

Sorry for the self-indulgent post. I was proud.

Yet another Sports Illustrated cover for Alabama

For the third time since Iron Bowl week, Alabama lands on the cover of the definitive sports weekly, Sports Illustrated. The word “DYNASTY” can’t make Nick Saban happy if he’s hoping to keep his returning players grounded for next season. (Credit Gentry Estes of the Mobile Press-Register for being the first with the cover picture this morning)

On the topic of Sports Illustrated, I wanted to pass along a link to this story on by Andy Staples. I’ve heard differing opinions on it, but I am a fan. He stepped out of the box and tugged at the heart strings. Let me know what you think.

Jinx talk doesn’t faze Ingram

Mark Ingram will deal with twice the bad luck in the BCS Championship if superstition is your thing. On top of the Sports Illustrated cover issue, he’s got the Heisman Trophy to deal with.

Who knew that’s a burden?

Apparently eight of the last 10 winners who went on to lose bowl games do. When asked to confront that bad mojo, Ingram brushed it off.

“Everybody else is focused on little things like that, jinxes and Heisman performances,” said Ingram who ran for a season-low 30 yards against Auburn on the week of his SI cover appearance. “We’re not focused on all that. …I’m not too worried about this Heisman jinx or anything like that.”

We’ll see Thursday.

Photo from Associated Press

Alabama on SI cover again

For the second time in three weeks, Alabama football is on the Sports Illustrated cover. First it was Mark Ingram, now it’s Colin Peek (a.k.a. Holla McGhee) who graces the cover.

Mark Ingram lands on Sports Illustrated cover

According to fellow Alabama beat writer Gentry Estes of the Mobile Press-Register, Mark Ingram will land on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week.

Check out his post complete with a picture of the cover by clicking here.

Appearing on the cover of the most famous sporting magazine during Iron Bowl week will certainly have negative thoughts swirling, though. I wouldn’t mention the SI cover jinx if SI itself didn’t in this story from several years ago. Just something to keep in mind.

Look who made the Sports Illustrated cover

Will it be a jinx? We’ll have to wait and see.

An Alabama sighting in this week’s Sports Illustrated

I recently wrote about the wonders of the Sports Illustrated “Vault.” Now you can add another story to the vast archives that includes Alabama.

The annual “where are they now” edition on newstands this week features a story about the Crimson Tide’s memorable 1979 goal line stand in the Sugar Bowl that solidified what many consider to be the greatest season in program history.

The first paragraph:

“The play has followed Barry Krauss for 30 years now, shadowing him everywhere he goes, reminding him of the defining hour of his youth. At least once a week in a restaurant or grocery store or movie theater, a stranger will approach Krauss and ask him about that New Year’s night in 1979 when he made the biggest tackle of the Bear Bryant era at Alabama. “People always tell me where they were when we made the goal line stand,” says Krauss, 52. “My favorite is the guy whose mother was in labor with him during those four plays. He told me he’s felt a special connection to me ever since, that he was always Barry Krauss when he played in backyard football games.”

For the rest of the story, click here.

Also, do not forget to vote on the poll on the left-hand side of the page. Who will win the SEC West Division this season?

Good Thursday morning update

Again, I must apologize for the lack of excitement in the world of Alabama athletics this week. I promise and I’m sure you know, this is just the calm before the storm building on the horizon.

In response to the lagging news of today, I will direct you to a resource loaded with news of yesteryear. Sports Illustrated (the Bible of sports) made its massive archive public not too long ago and some fans, I’m sure, haven’t come up for air yet. The “Vault” is incredible.

Every cover, every story and even photo gallery and online video is easily found with a few taps of the keyboard and a right-click. I promise this can be addictive so please view it in moderation so not to alienate family and friends.

To get you started, follow this link to see everything associated with the “Crimson Tide” search term. (There are 603 stories containing Alabama’s unique nickname)