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Injuries hurt continuity at Saturday scrimmage

The first scrimmage of the preseason is now in the books and, apparently, the back luck for the Crimson Tide secondary continues. Nick Saban just ran down a laundry list of injuries from this afternoon’s action.

  • Cornerback Dequan Menzie has a “slightly pulled hamstring.”
  • Robert Lester suffered a concussion early in the scrimmage.
  • DeMarcus Milliner “twisted his ankle” and will be day-to-day.
  • Blake Sims strained his foot and also got the day-to-day tag.
  • And before the message boards crash, Saban made extra effort to point out Mark Ingram only got the wind knocked out of him late in the proceedings.
  • Greg McElroy is just fine. He completed 26-of-33 passes for 360 yards, Saban said.
  • Other stats are still to come.
  • Check back in a little bit.

Sky sunny for now

We are about 20 minutes from first pitch between Alabama and Florida in the SEC baseball semifinal. For now, the weather looks good, but storms are in the forecast later this afternoon.

The Tide will be playing without designated hitter David Kindred this afternoon as he deals with a medical issue. According to a news release just delivered, he “returned home for tests to determine the origin of shortness of breath and tightness in his chest.”

Kindred hit .314 with three home runs this season and he had a two-run single in Wednesday’s 7-1 win over Auburn on Wednesday. Brandt Hendricks (.279 average) replaced him in the seventh spot on Alabama’s lineup card.

Another Monday practice, little news

Well, another football practice media viewing period is in the books. For the most part, it was more of the same. Here are the biggest story lines I could uncover:

  • Nico Johnson was in the dreaded black non-contact jersey after spraining his left knee in the Friday scrimmage. This is just a guess, but I think he should be fine by September.
  • Joining him in the black shirt club was fellow linebacker Tana Patrick. No word on what the deal was, but it couldn’t be too serious since he was still participating in the drills.
  • According the Gentry Estes of the Mobile Press-Register, Ole Miss will be the Crimson Tide’s homecoming opponent next fall. 
  • Finally, here is a video of a drill I don’t think I’ve videoed the defensive line doing yet. These videos are getting repetitive. But to be honest, it’s all we ever get to see. Enjoy. 

Injury update on Trent Richardson

Stop with the conspiracy theories and conjecture. The rising sophomore running back just pulled a hamstring in Monday’s practice. No threat to his playing status for the season opener, so chill out.

Dre Kirkpatrick was back at practice today after being excused from Monday’s work out due to a death in the family.

Read all the rest tomorrow in print.

VIDEO: Some clips and news from Wednesday practice

It is a gorgeous spring afternoon in Tuscaloosa and the Crimson Tide football players are back to practicing outside after staying indoors Monday.

The one notable player missing from drills during the media viewing period was Trent Richardson. He was practicing with the running backs Monday in a white jersey, but he was in the familiar black shirt designated for non contact players Wednesday. He was riding a stationary bike while we were allowed to watch.

Just stepping out on a limb here, but it didn’t appear too serious. Hopefully Nick Saban will have an update later at his news conference.

Now, some video of the defensive line hitting the sled.

VIDEO: Dont’a Hightower practices

After missing most of the 2009 season with a major knee injury, Dont’a Hightower was back on the field Monday. I wish the quality of the video was better, but reporters were allowed no further than where I recorded this.

Update from Monday’s spring practice

The media viewing period of the Crimson Tide’s second spring practice just wrapped up. Here are the highlights:

  • Starting center William Vlachos still had on the walking boot and rode the exercise bike instead of practicing with his teammates.
  • Linebacker Dont’a Hightower was back on the field working with the linebackers after suffering that terrible knee injury last fall. They weren’t doing full speed drills, but it looked like Hightower’s knee isn’t back to full strength just yet. Check back later for video of Hightower practicing.
  • There is no depth chart.
  • Star recruit Phillip Sims looked comfortable throwing with the quarterbacks in their usual drills. Again, it’s impossible to take too much out of these drills, but he appears to have a solid arm. Again, come back later for video of Sims and the rest of the quarterbacks throwing in today’s practice.
  • Stay tuned for more.

McClain practices Tuesday, but not much

The big news coming out of the Wednesday morning news conference deals with the health of Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain.

Here’s what Nick Saban said about his leading tackler:

“We’re not going to let him play unless the doctors say he can play. If he’s sick and he’s dehydrated, he’s not going to play in the game. I’m not going to put a player at risk regardless of what the circumstance relative to what the game is.

“I think he’s better today, he did not do much in practice (Tuesday) and I think he’s better today. He’s practiced all year, he hasn’t missed a practice in the three years that he’s been here. But I think he’s capable of recovering and being able to play in the game if he’s medically cleared to play in the game.”

Now, quick video of Saban talking about McClain’s impact.

Mark Ingram practices Monday

Nick Saban said he’d be at practice and that’s just where Mark Ingram is right now. Saban also said he wouldn’t be taking any contact Monday afternoon, but Ingram had on the traditional white jersey instead of the black non-contact uniform.

The media-viewing period was just five minutes and we didn’t see any more that the same old drills, but Ingram appeared to be moving well after sustaining the hip pointer late in the Auburn game. Don’t believe me? check out the video I captured of Ingram and the running backs at pratice just a few minutes ago.

Welcome to SEC championship week

The madness is definitely upon us. The extra reporters attending today’s news conference showed how this week takes on a different level of importance. Here are some of the highlights you can expect to read more about in the coming days:

  • Mark Ingram is fine and Nick Saban said he should practice this afternoon. He doesn’t expect him to take any contact while recovering from the hip pointer suffered late in the Auburn game.
  • It turns out Cory Reamer had a hamstring issue last week that limited some of his practice time and playing time against Auburn. Ali Sharrief saw more action because of the previously unreported injury to Reamer.
  • Rolando McClain was named SEC defensive player of the week for his 12-tackle game at Auburn.
  • On the topic of Alabama’s lack of emotion to start the Iron Bowl, quarterback Greg McElroy called it “embarrassing.”


Nick Saban didn’t speak for a full minute Monday afternoon before the word he’d go on to repeat several more times in his weekly news conference. Respect. He has it for FCS Chattanooga and he made it clear that was the only team he’d discuss.

Auburn? Florida? Both were off limits for now.

“There won’t be anything that anybody remembers about this season if we didn’t have success against a team like this,” he said. “You can ask me all the questions about it, but that’s the answer to the question right there.”

For the record, nobody asked anything. He was still in the opening statement when those sentences came out.

Other highlights:

  • Linebacker Eryk Anders has a sprained ankle and will take it easy in practice for the next few days.
  • The team caught an early screening of “The Back Side” on Friday night and gave their head coach his fair share of ribbing for his cameo role. Read more later in the week.
  • Also expect more about senior class later in the week as they prepare for final home game.

Updates on pregame warmups

A few line-up notes to keep in mind:

  • Colin Peek is listed as the No. 1 tight end and he is dressed in his No. 84 jersey for warm-ups. Remember, his knee sprain was suffered in the same run-through two weeks ago against Tennessee.
  • Running back/kickoff returner Terry Grant was not listed on the depth chart provided before the game. Mike McCoy OR Trent Richardson were the only others listed with Javier Arenas as kickoff returners. We’ll see who gets the nod soon enough.
  • The place is starting to pack in now that kickoff is 20 minutes out.

Video: Colin Peek practices on bum knee

Check out the video and photos below of injured Crimson Tide tight end Colin Peek (aka Holla McGhee) at practice Monday. He ran, caught passes and got in an out of a three-point stance without much trouble.

Remember, Peek hurt his left knee in pregame warmups against Tennessee on Oct. 24. Nick Saban said he was “day to day” earlier Monday.

In other injury news, Dre Kirkpatrick was riding the exercise bike and Terry Grant wore a black jersey while working out with the team.


Saban already sick of LSU hype

Now in his third go-round as the Alabama coach facing his old LSU team, Nick Saban is obviously tired of the hype surrounding Saturday’s match-up. He fired back at a reporter this afternoon who tried to ask about the implications of the game after Saban addressed the issue in his opening statement.

Let’s just say he wasn’t feeling the question and wasn’t going to brush it off quietly.

Other than that, there wasn’t any major news coming out of the weekly round with reporters. Saban did say Colin Peek was “day to day” and that the senior tight end ran in the pool Sunday and hopes to do so on dry land this afternoon. Stay tuned for updates.

Otherwise, read the paper Tuesday for more highlights.

Hightower tore everything in knee

The mystery of Dont’a Hightower’s exact injury was solved Wednesday evening. Coach Nick Saban never specified the exact diagnosis that Hightower told reporters yesterday included tearing is ACL, MCL and meniscus.

The injury was suffered in the first half of the Arkansas game when a cut block hit him square on the left knee.

Read more about the injury and the aftermath Friday.

On a side note, Lane Kiffin made quite an impression on rapper Lil Wayne. Read this to see how and why.