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MEDIA DAY 1: Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson up next

Vanderbilt’s Bobby Johnson followed Bobby Petrino at the front of the big room full of reporters.

  • In a monotone voice, the Vandy coach talked about the enthusiasm that is surrounding his program. It was infectious.
  • Again, the Tebow snub was the subject of a question from a Florida-based reporter. Johnson’s response: “I don’t know if you’re going to find the culprit there.” Again, the answer drew laughs.
  • The next answer also drew laughs. When asked about Florida’s potential, Johnson said: “They are going to be pretty good.”
  • I am a particular fan of the following two quotes.
  • “Everybody is inpatient. They all want instant success. We had three horrible years and then they gave me a contract extension.”
  • I’m just glad to be here for my eighth season coming up. I’m sure not many people thought that would happen.”
  • What is the next step for Vanderbilt football: Maintain momentum. “The sky is the limit for Vanderbilt, to tell you the truth.”
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