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The two sides of Nick Saban

From spending several afternoons in a Nick Saban news conference, I’ve been able to pick up on the two sides of Saban. At times, he’s agitated and unwilling to answer seemingly benign questions. The next minute, he might be laughing while dropping a funny one-liner on the writers.

To illustrate the lead note in the college football notebook, there are two YouTube videos that show the contrasting sides of Saban. Both are mentioned in the notebook.

First, there is the infamous video of Saban driving NFL rookie Manuel Wright to tears when he was coaching the Miami Dolphins. Click here for the video of a Miami newscast.

It’s not all work and no play for the man in charge of the Crimson Tide football program. The coach can dance. Click here for a crude cell phone video of Saban dancing to the “Cupid Shuffle” at what appears to be a wedding in December of 2007.

For examples of Saban’s frustration with news conference question, click here and here.

But there are a few clips of his lighter side when talking to writers. See them here and here.

Finally, watch this video of Saban sending off my predecessor at the Daily, Josh Cooper at his final news conference in Tuscaloosa.