The story behind Nick Saban’s spring, summer plans

Nick Saban is everywhere these days. Read all about his plans for the rest of the spring and summer in today’s story in 3…2…1 …

MUSCLE SHOALS — There’s football season, then recruiting season, followed by spring practice.

Not much changes in the Alabama football routine. It’s the slow time for players, but show time for coach Nick Saban. The road is his home in May. Well, more like the air.

The Crimson Tide football coach needed just a 30-minute flight to hit yet another speaking engagement Tuesday evening. He packed the conference center at the Marriott Shoals Hotel and Spa with about 750 fans handing over $50 a pop.

Fans sipped cocktails in the lobby occupied by traveling Alabama memorabilia sales teams. A few VIPs got a meet-and-greet and a commemorative photo with Saban in a side room just off the packed main hall. Saban jokes about directly communicating with the base instead of allowing the media to filter his message.

“Spring is a lot of speaking. I really enjoy it,” Saban said. “I really enjoy getting out, meeting a lot of our people. It’s the one time of the year when I get an opportunity to do it.”

Spring isn’t what it once was, though, and Saban misses the old way.

He used to spend the time after spring practice on the road evaluating the next class of star recruits. That changed in 2008, when the NCAA passed a rule prohibiting head coaches from any such in-person inspections. It was nicknamed “the Saban rule,” after the Alabama coach was accused of speaking to prospects beyond the mandated casual greeting.

“I really do miss spring recruiting and not being able to go on the road, but we’ve adapted, and my involvement is talking on video conferences and the telephone and doing as much as I can in evaluation and getting ready for next year’s opponents.”

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  1. Why are some of your articles are behind a pay wall? Could you ask mgmt.? Dailybamablog isn’t, and if you would put a $ on the ones linked to the Decatur paper or whoever, it would be much appreciated. This is the offseason so it doesn’t matter much. But when the season heats up. I just can’t have my e-mail fill up. I’m a Football Board moderator and also post “latest Bama News” on, we have over 25000 members and many many guest viewers. I follow you on Twitter, but sometimes your articles hit e-mail first. Your help would be appreciated.



  2. I try to mix the links among the different papers I work for. The posts are scheduled to go up the night before they go live and I use the links that are available when I post it. To put a $ in the tweet would mean putting it in the headline and that’s something I can’t really do. I’ll try to mix up the links, but our paper is trying to drive digital subscriptions by not giving away our content free of charge. I hope this explains it. Thanks for reading and the support you provide.

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