Richardson motivated by Jim Brown’s disrespect

On an anniversary like this, any football talk seems inconsequential. But here’s the story from the NFL draft in today’s newspaper…

NEW YORK — A happy ending topped off Trent Richardson’s complicated day.

Disrespected by a legend in the morning, then drafted a spot ahead of projections at night, the always-smiling former Alabama running back lived his dream.

The Cleveland Browns traded up a spot to take Richardson third in Thursday night’s NFL Draft in Radio City Music Hall. Speculated maneuvering led the Browns to trade up from fourth to third, making Richardson the highest drafted running back since Reggie Bush went second in 2006.

He was one of four Alabama players drafted in the first round. Linebacker Courtney Upshaw was invited to New York, but never heard his name called in the Radio City green room.

Richardson was “very surprised” Cleveland made the preemptive trade to keep others from snatching him up.

“When they did that, I was like, they really want me,” Richardson said. “They weren’t letting me slip out of their hands.”

At least one former Cleveland alum didn’t love the Pensacola product. Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown took a shot at Richardson on ESPN radio’s Scott Van Pelt Show. He called Richardson’s size, speed and moves “ordinary.”

Richardson heard all about the comments.

“Motivation,” he called it. “If he says I’m an ordinary running back, I’ve got a lot to prove. If he’s saying that, that’s big shoes to fill.”

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2 responses to “Richardson motivated by Jim Brown’s disrespect

  1. PROVE Him wrong Trent !!!!! RTR!!!!!

  2. Jim Brown would be ordinary in today’s game, not Trent.

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