Nick Saban comments on broken crystal football

The news cycle has eaten up the unfortunate story of Alabama’s broken BCS championship trophy. If you’ve been in another galaxy universe today, a parent of an Alabama football player accidentally shattered the crystal football at a team function Saturday night.

By Tuesday evening, Nick Saban had a say in the matter when meeting with a few of us reporters at a Crimson Caravan stop in Huntsville.

“Breaking the crystal ball, even though it’s very meaningful, nobody got hurt,” Saban said. “Nobody meant to do any harm and I’m sure we can replace it. It’s (not as) bad as everyone’s making it out to be and I don’t want the parent of the player who had the mishap to feel bad about what happened.”

Read much more about this and other topics in tomorrow’s newspaper.

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5 responses to “Nick Saban comments on broken crystal football

  1. You are a class act Coach Saban. I’m sure the parent and the kid are mortified. I will happily donate a few bucks to replace the trophy.

  2. Coach Saban has so much class!! There’s no need for the player or his father to be even more humiliated than they already are. Thanks Coach!!

  3. No…No…N…Saban is a jerk, and will only be at Bama a couple of years. Remember what Auburn fans told us…

  4. Angie Vacarella

    Thanks, Coach, for putting this “accident” in perspective for those people who don’t seem to have any perspective! You are such a class act and we are so proud to have you as our head football coach, your wonderful wife and family as part of our extended Bama family! And RTR!!!

  5. If each Alabama Crimson Tide fan would pitch in 2.00, we could buy another crystal football. Materialistic items can be replaced right? Let’s rise to the occasion and help our team. Roll Tide Roll!!!!

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