Alabama wins A-Day, spring practice and Michigan didn’t learn too much

How about one more look back at A-Day and spring practice as a whole. Here’s today’s beat column as it appeared in that old-fashioned product delivered to front doors called a newspaper.

TUSCALOOSA — Kick off the cleats and slip on the sandals.

Sure it’s still mid-April, but on the football calendar final exams concluded Saturday. The 15-practice spring ended with a final showcase under the watchful eyes of a mostly-packed stadium and a detail-oriented commissioner.

Of course Alabama won A-Day. Coach Nick Saban confirmed it just moments after the scrimmage concluded.

“One thing that never happens in college football is no one ever has a bad spring and no one ever has a bad spring game,” he said. “We didn’t have one either.”

So what did the world learn in the last few weeks?

“Not much,” is what Saban’s preferred response. The first 14 workouts are as controlled as in-season practices. Only close friends of the program scale those walls. And when the curtain falls on A-Day, vanilla is the only flavor served.

“Well, you didn’t see anything new,” Saban promised. “Unless you want us to just email Michigan what we’re doing and anything new that we’re doing. So what do you think you saw that was new? Did you see anything new? If I would have seen anything new out there, I would have been upset.”

He did see a few new faces to big things.

T.J. Yeldon lived up to his five-star hype with an MVP performance and 179 all-purpose yards. Playing with the second-team offense against the No. 2 defense, Yeldon had easily the best spring debut of any freshman who graduated early to participate.

“I mean, the kid can play,” quarterback AJ McCarron said. “But it’s definitely different … you can play this ball, but it’s different when the lights turn on and you’re playing LSU.”

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One response to “Alabama wins A-Day, spring practice and Michigan didn’t learn too much

  1. What about Duron Carter, Chris Carters son. I thought he was going to be the next great receiver at Alabama. Or is he the secret weapon that no-one is talking about. I believe A.J. McCarron will throw more this year complemented with a good running game Alabama should be in the thick of things again this year.

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