Short distance, fewer days saves Alabama cash on BCS trip

And now, the second print edition story from today’s edition. This time it’s a dollars and cents matter as it relates to Alabama’s trip to New Orleans for January’s BCS title game …

TUSCALOOSA — Alabama spent less in January than it did in 2010 and Auburn did last year when traveling to the BCS National Championship Game.

Playing just four hours down the road in New Orleans and staying for a shorter period made a difference.

Alabama spent $2.3 million for travel, lodging, meals and other expenses on the team’s seven-day trip to the Jan. 9 title game showdown with LSU in New Orleans.

Auburn’s expenses for the 2011 BCS trip to Scottsdale, Ariz., were $2.9 million.

A year before that, Alabama spent more than $3 million on its trip to Pasadena, Calif., for the 2010 title game.

Alabama still didn’t turn a profit based on the SEC postseason revenue-sharing bylaws. Teams playing in the BCS title game are reimbursed $1.925 million by the league plus a travel allowance.

The rest of the $28.4 million payout is divided, along with the other bowl bonuses, 13 ways by the SEC. Each member institution and the league receives a cut.

The Crimson Tide’s New Orleans trip was still 28 percent more expensive than last season’s $1.8-million visit to Orlando for the Capital One Bowl.

Alabama and Auburn used slightly different accounting methods in the reports filed to the NCAA.

The Crimson Tide includes coaching bonuses for winning postseason games under the “other” category both years while Auburn left that line blank.

With the bonuses, Alabama’s total expense rose to $3.9 million last season and $4.3 in 2010.

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