Auburn actually spent more in 2011 than Alabama did in ’12 for BCS trip


It appears as if I jumped the gun on the original post under this header. After inspecting these documents closer new conclusions are formed.

First, Alabama and Auburn can’t even agree on how to fill out standardized forms. Second, Alabama’s trip to New Orleans did not cost more than Auburn’s to Arizona for the last two BCS title games.

It came down to the “other” category in the form required by the NCAA. Alabama included coaches bonuses on that line. Auburn did not. There you find the disparity. Here are the travel costs for the past three BCS games when subtracting the bonuses:

  • Alabama 2010: $3,039,715.00
  • Auburn 2011: $2,901,706.00
  • Alabama 2012: $2,321,698.00

More on this in tomorrow’s newspaper.


Original post

 Alabama’s trip to 2012 BCS game cost $1 million more than Auburn’s a year earlier

Only a few hours separate Tuscaloosa from New Orleans, but that doesn’t drive down travel costs for the BCS Championship Game.

In fact, it’s $3.9 million price tag was significantly higher than Auburn’s expenses from the 2011 national title game played in Arizona. Auburn spent a total of $2.9 million a year earlier.

Still, the $3.9 million was a savings for Alabama compared to its 2010 journey to Pasadena. That trip totaled $4.3 million in expenses.

All figures were reported to the NCAA by the participating schools. They include transportation, lodging, food, entertainment, etc., for the team, cheerleaders, band, and anyone else in the official traveling party.

Read more later about what these numbers mean and where the two schools differed in expenses.

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