Jet ski riding Saban: I try to enjoy life

Nick Saban got on quite a roll yesterday. I can’t remember seeing him more relax and laughing that hard at a news conference. The topic of fun really got him going.

It started with a question about personal safety as it related to Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino’s motorcycle accident. Saban recalled his youth in West Virginia where his father didn’t approve of motorbiking …

“My best friend Charlie Anderson had a Triumph, and I mean that thing was hot. Where my dad’s service station was, there was a long straightaway and they used to race.

“Every time no one was looking I’d get on Charlie’s Triumph. I took it to my girlfriend’s house and she lived on the side of the mountain and there was a curve and the water was running across the street and a dog was chasing me down the street. I hit the water on the curve and I slid out. I didn’t get hurt, didn’t hurt the bike, just slid out.

” My dad found out about that and that’s the last time I’ve been on a motorcycle because he wore me out.”

Saban still has a need for speed and a disapproving voice of reason. He really got into answering a second question about that topic.

“I try to enjoy life. I still water ski. I ride them jet skis as fast as they’ll go and every two years I get the fastest ones they make to replace the last ones.

“Every year, Miss Terry (wife) has a fit, but that’s just the way it goes. There’s not very many things that I like to do, so … I try not to be stupid but I’m not going to not do things that I enjoy doing.

“You could hit with a golf ball, and I like playing golf too. You could have a fatal accident there, but I’m not going to not play golf because of it.”

Check out video of Saban’s smiles, click here for the version.

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