Report: Alabama football signee suffers ‘significant’ injury playing soccer

Update April 15: Dalvin Tomlinson, who signed with the Tide in February, attended Saturday’s A-Day Game. The crutches and knee brace appeared to confirm the injury reported a few weeks ago.

Tomlinson on crutches.

Original post: Credit The Henry Daily Herald for breaking this one.

The news isn’t exactly positive for one of Alabama’s last-minute Class of 2012 recruiting scores.

Defensive lineman Dalvin Tomlinson suffered a “significant” knee injury while playing soccer, the Henry Daily Herald reports.

This wasn’t a recreational or pickup soccer game. The 6-2, 266-pound lineman plays on the Henry County High School soccer team.

(Click here to read the full, but brief story with a quote from the injured prospect)

Tomlinson was one of the two defensive linemen (along with Korren Kirven) who signed with the Tide without making a public commitment beforehand.  He was a consensus 4-star prospect rated among the top 45 defensive linemen by the major recruiting services.

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2 responses to “Report: Alabama football signee suffers ‘significant’ injury playing soccer

  1. When are we going to outlaw the barbaric sport of soccer? How many lives has it ruined?

  2. I guess no one wants to recognize the damage that the third-world game of choice does in weakening Americans, Kids, don’t be ‘suc-cers’. Soccer (or ‘futbol’) is popular only because it requires no equipment beyond a coconut (or a skull!) and a goal line. This injury probably occurred because they disturbed him from a deep sleep. He’ll be okay and I hope he serves as an example for people who don’t want to emulate people so unprivileged that they find soccer exciting.

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