More details, Saban comments on new contract

We wrote quite a bit about this yesterday, but here’s a little more on the Nick Saban contact extension from today’s newspaper.

TUSCALOOSA — If it’s up to Nick Saban, his coaching career will end in Tuscaloosa.

A new contract extension approved Monday added two years to the Alabama football coach’s term while increasing his pay to record levels. With the raise, Saban is believed to be the highest paid coach in the nation, making $5.3 million next season and nearly $6 million in his final contracted year of 2019.

All but one Crimson Tide assistant also received raises, and the two new hires had contracts approved in the same teleconference meeting of the board of trustees’ compensation committee. Each returning coach received an extra year while Saban was granted his first extension since August 2009.

The contract talks began in January, soon after Alabama won its second national title in three seasons. Saban said the deal assures he will be with the Tide “for the rest of our career.”

“We made that decision after the season when other people were interested,” said Saban who is 55-12 in his five seasons with Alabama.

He did not identify those who reached out or how serious they were about luring him away from Tuscaloosa.

But he made it clear there wouldn’t be another jump coming as he enters his sixth Alabama season — his longest tenure as a head coach.

Click here or here for the complete story in today’s print edition.

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