If Saban didn’t get largest percentage raise, which Alabama coach did?

It’s one thing to talk raw dollars and cents when writing about pay raises. The real indicator is the percentage of the increase.

For example, Nick Saban got an 11.5 percent raise based on the base pay he received last season. That’s more than a cost-of-living increase, but Saban’s easily out-paced inflation with his contracts.

So let’s take a look at those figures from yesterday’s approval of contract extensions for all but one of Alabama’s football coaches.

  • Jeremy Pruitt: 15.5 percent ($260,000 from $225,000)
  • Mike Groh: 14 percent ($285,000 from $250,000)
  • Kirby Smart: 11.7 percent ($950,000 from $850,000)
  • Nick Saban: 11.5 percent ($5.32 million from $4.77 million)
  • Bobby Williams: 11.1 percent ($350,000 from $315,000)
  • Chris Rumph: 7l4 percent ($310,000 from $288,750)
  • Scott Cochran: 4.8 percent ($325,000 from $310,000)
  • Burton Burns: 3.5 percent ($290,000 from $280,000)

Saban defended the assistant coaches’ raises yesterday before he was really questioned about them.

“It’s imperative that we keep continuity and we have an opportunity to be competitive salary-wise with other schools who are trying to hire our coaches,” he said. “It doesn’t really what my opinion is or what anyone else’s opinion is or anyone else’s opinion. The market is what it is and if we’re not willing to pay that to the best people that we have, they’re not going to be here.”

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