C.J. Mosley tells you what it’s like dislocating a hip in BCS title game

Decatur Daily photo by Gary Cosby Jr.

This story still amazes me. I thought C.J. Mosley’s career was over when I saw the injury pictured above and explained below …

TUSCALOOSA — When he was sprawled out on the Superdome turf, C.J. Mosley knew his future on the football field was uncertain.

Decatur Daily photo by Gary Cosby Jr.

He’d just made a huge interception in the third quarter of the BCS title game, but the crowd was silent. Trent Richardson cringed as he stood by Mosley’s side.

His hip was out of socket. It didn’t look good.

A first glance said the gruesome injury could’ve threatened a few years of football — possibly his career. The twisting tackle made by LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson on the Alabama linebacker only looked worse as video replays continued.

Just a few months later, Mosley laughed when he rewound the tape of his hip dislocation. What appeared so damaging didn’t even keep him from spring practices. Mosley participated “at full go” when the Crimson Tide put on full pads for the first time Wednesday afternoon in its third spring workout.

He smiles when remembering that moment when a promising career faced a possible crossroads. A dislocated elbow suffered in the fourth game of the championship season helped the sophomore identify the injury.

“Surprisingly, it didn’t feel as bad as that,” Mosley said. “But when they started yanking on it and pulling it in, that’s when I really started feeling it.”

The pain was a “10 out of 10” when trainers rushed to his side. It spoiled his top highlight of the season.

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