Releford was seconds from ultimate glory

AP photo

It was quite a day for basketball across the country. The action was especially hot here in Greensboro. Take a read over today’s story from Alabama’s crushing NCAA tournament loss …

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It was a moment for the dreamers.

Down a point with 2.4 seconds to play in the NCAA tournament, Trevor Releford’s legacy and Alabama’s season hung in the balance. All the elements were there.

Yet, 15 minutes later, a shirtless Releford sat in his locker with a blank stare and a personal pizza on his lap. A joke from a teammate made him smile, but that moment of glory faded into hazy disbelief.

Controversy also swirled in the Greensboro Coliseum back hallways.

Creighton ended Alabama’s season with a 58-57 loss in the NCAA tournament’s second round when Releford’s attempt landed nowhere near the rim. But replays appeared to show Creighton’s Josh Jones made contact with the Alabama sophomore’s hand after the release.

“I feel like he did, but I can’t change it now,” said. “I was shooting my jumper, and you could tell how the shot landed, I mean, he didn’t block it.”

Releford, who scored a team-high 14, sat in shock on the floor as Creighton players celebrated. The last sequence capped a curious closing few seconds that took several minutes to complete.

The clock read 2.4 seconds before Releford’s shot because of a timeout called by Alabama coach Anthony Grant. The Tide inbounded with 4.4 seconds left beside its own bench. Two quick passes later, Grant called for the timeout.

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