Releford: There was contact on final shot

Releford after the miss. (AP photo)

Click here for video replay of the final shot.

Alabama sophomore Trevor Releford had a shot to live every basketball player’s dream — a buzzer beater in the NCAA tournament.

His attempt at glory this afternoon, though, fell short. Creighton survived Alabama 58-57 in the NCAA tournament second round. But there was controversy.

After releasing the jump shot, Releford motioned for a foul that wasn’t called. Replays showed a Creighton defender made contact with his shooting hand.

“I feel like he did, but I can’t change it now,” Releford said.

The play had three different options. JaMychal Green was one, but the Bluejays clogged the middle. So it was up to Releford.

“I was shooting my jumper, and you could tell how the shot landed, I mean, he didn’t block it,” Releford said.

Alabama led by as many as 11 in the second half, then trailed by seven with 2:41 left.

Releford’s 14 points led all Alabama scorers followed by Trevor Lacey (13) and JaMychal Green (12).

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